We Love Our Excuses (803 words)

Excuses reign supreme within the under achiever’s personal stand for both business and life—this doesn’t have to be. While I personally blame my three older sisters for all the problems in my life, the universe doesn’t care. All that matters to the universe is my definitive action.

I Need Help

Here is an overused word; “Please help me,” “I could use a little help,” “Can you help me out?” We are so used to asking for help that we have become co-dependent in the many facets of our lives. Ever thought of doing it yourself? Back in the 1980s Lifespring, an outcropping of Est, taught countless thousands that “hope with the how” was a hallow promise. Twenty some odd years later, I think they were right.

Exploring help and hope reveals why so many people in today’s society have excuses for everything. From the proverbial, “The dog ate my homework” to the tiresome old saw, “It’s not my job” we find ourselves mired in mediocrity—and it is not necessary. So what do you say, what’s your favorite excuse?

It’s My Boss’ Fault

When did your boss become responsible for your success? “When I was hired,” you say—really? So your boss gave you an opportunity to achieve and your failure is on his or her back? I don’t think so! Granted, there are some real idiots that have climber their way to extreme levels of personal incompetence in overseeing others; however they are not as prevalent as many would have their friends believe.

Sure, union workers have absolutely no motivation to achieve, but they are not reading this article. You are. Today, now, is the time to give it up. Stop blaming your boss and start looking in the mirror. If you are lucky enough to still have a job you can be responsible enough to make a difference at your place of work.

They Don’t Like Me

“They don’t like me in this department,” you say—so what! They are not paid to like you. And, you are not paid to like them. However, everyone is paid to be professional, responsible, courteous, and respectful of one another. If co-workers are truly sabotaging your effectiveness and success, then you have something about which to complain. If not, suck it up and get your job done. Do you think your company’s off-shore competitors coddle their employees? I don’t think so! Oh, you didn’t realize that your company has off-shire competitors—wake up. Everybody has off-shore competitors.

This Job Just Isn’t Fulfilling

“This job doesn’t float my boat,” you say? OMG, it’s not 1985. Sure thing; we all want a fulfilling position and some of us are lucky enough to have such a job—or were smart enough to select a career they love. While you might read volumes about X-gen and Y-gen workers and about all their demands, most of that went out the door when the recession started. As a matter of fact, many boomers lost so much of their retirement in the collapse that thousands are delaying their retirement or are returning to work. I’m not suggesting that employers go back to pre-1920 policies of worker abuse but I am suggesting that we are in a time of balance. I realize that many believe the Federal Government will take care of their needs, but that is not a constitutional charge of the government. And at some point the money will run out–dramatically reducing entitlement programs. My suggestion is this; if you have a job, be appreciative and work hard to serve your employer.

I’m the Wrong Color, or Gender, or…

“The world is against me,” you say? Have you noticed who the President of the United Stated of America is? He sure is not a bald old White man. It is time to get off the tired excuse of your skin color, gender, country of origin. If your English is lousy, I’ll give you that one…if you’ll accept that your lousy English is a matter of choice rather than a condition of your birth.

I admit that I see racism and bigotry frequently in business environments; I’ll also state that I see it emanating from people of all walks of life and not just one group of people. My take; the citizenry of the United States of America have become so sensitive to race, gender, sexual orientation, political, and religious issues that they have allowed themselves to effectively become immobilized. Don’t you ever get tired of whining? I sure do.

Where Are We Going?

Where is America going? Your guess is as good as mine. I will state this however; Capitalism breeds entrepreneurialism and entrepreneurialism is the sustenance salvation available to you, me, and to any American, just for the taking. So what’s your excuse?