Member Recruitment & Retention Simplified; Guided Strategy, Tools and Tactics for Trade Associations & Professional Societies. Become Member-ROI-Centric and Magnetically Attract Members (Shipping available only to USA addresses. Bulk pricing at bottom of page)

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Influence All Generations Guaranteed…You Have Never Seen Such a Complete Guide on How to Determine, Calculate, & Prove the ROI Your Organization Delivers to Members! Included are video chapter summaries by Ed Rigsbee.

(50+ 5-Star Reviews on Amazon)

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  • Learn how to grow your organization’s membership through calculating and communicating your (return on investment) ROI of Membership…with EXPLOSIVE results.
  • Learn how to convert your current members into “Member Recruitment Evangelists” for EXPLOSIVE recruitment results.
  • Learn how to determine which of your organization’s features of membership are highly valued, yet low in cost to your organization to deliver even more value for EXPLOSIVE recruitment results.
  • Learn how to write “features of membership” benefit copy that will compel EXPLOSIVE recruitment results.
  • Learn how to prove that membership in your organization is a smart career, business, and financial decision–causing EXPLOSIVE recruitment results.

With the Foreword by Glenn Tecker, you know it has got to be good. Today’s membership organizations must continually prove the return on investment they deliver to members in order to stay relevant. Leaders must see their organization through the eyes of the non-member and be capable of proving the actual yearly sustainable real-dollar ROI that their current members receive in order to maintain high-level member retention and continual new recruitment. Learn how to turn your members into recruiting evangelists.

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For print & electronic magazine columns, board meetings, and trainings, over 40 articles adapted from The ROI of Membership available for reprinting and usage at no charge: Articles adapted from The ROI of Membership

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Rave Book Reviews for The ROI of Membership

50+ 5-Star Book Reviews at Amazon

“This is far more than a “How To’ book. This is a ‘How to Be’ book that will embed membership recruitment and retention into the heart and soul of your association’s culture. This book will bring your brand to life in ways you can’t afford to miss as an association leader.” Terry Paulson, Ph.D., CSP, CPAE, author of The Optimism Advantage, and past president of both the National Speakers Association and the Global Speakers Federation

“The ROI of Membership is a must-read for association professionals. The book correctly identifies the valuation challenge facing today’s associations and provides a clear road map for how to address the problem. A pragmatic and easy to follow resource, this book should be on the top of every association professional’s reading list, regardless of industry or experience.” -Kyle Lanning, JD, Membership Outreach Facilitator, Connecticut State Medical Society

“I recommend highly The ROI of Membership to every chief staff executive, director of membership and volunteer leader. The book answers questions that have perplexed our association for years—providing very practical tools to determine and communicate the value that ours or any other organization might deliver to its potential members.” -Celia Trigo Besore, MBA, CAE, Executive Director & CEO, National Association of Hispanic Nurses

“This book, The ROI of Membership, is a necessary wake-up call for many who manage associations. Over the last 30+ years, I find that many association staff have a government employee mentality, and do the same thing over and over. They are afraid to make waves and are not very innovative in bringing new programs that can either help their members make money or save money. As a result, the membership is stagnant or declining because they don’t deliver the VALUE demanded by today’s potential members. This book should help any open-minded, motivated association Executive Director to start selling Benefits instead of Features.” –Harold Wong, Ph.D. Economics, UC Berkeley

“The ROI of Membership is a must-read book for any association executive who is interested in membership recruitment and retention. It’s full of great ideas and suggestions on how to effectively recruit members through proving the return on investment of membership.” -Cynthia L. Simpson, M.Ed, CGMP, CAE, Chief Business Development Officer, Association for Women in Science

“Ed Rigsbee delivers a complete, detailed road map to help your association do what needs to be done to survive: Continually attract new members. Chapter 5 about the Return on Investment is worth the investment on this book.” –Joachim de Posada, Ph.D., CSP, author, Don’t Eat the Marshmallow Yet!

“I really liked what I saw. I liked the way the book is structured. It truly provides a roadmap, along with explanation, about why you go through the ROI process and once you determine that, how you go about growing and retaining members. I thought you used some great examples.” -Jim Thompson, IOM, CAE, Association Executives of North Carolina, Executive Director

“I love your ROI premise. In fact, it made me think of some things I can do in my business and I’m not an Association!” – Tony Alessandra, Ph.D., author, The Platinum Rule

“Rigsbee’s The ROI of Membership makes clear what it takes grow membership – the creation and communication of the value of membership. This book will become required reading for our association’s board members. We’ll be using several of the strategies he promotes to build our organization’s membership.” -Tom Oser, Ph.D., President, National Speakers Association Greater Los Angeles Chapter