Qualitative Member ROI Valuation Focus Group Research for Associations & Societies to Determine the Yearly Sustainable Real-Dollar Return on Investment to Members

The key to safeguarding your organization’s future is to research, embrace, and maximize your member ROI. Actual ROI is the missing link for explosive growth. Member ROI Valuation…determining the yearly sustainable real-dollar ROI that your organization delivers to members is crucial to your organization’s continued success in member recruitment and retention. How much is worth to be able to prove to your members, through real-dollar ROI, that membership in your organization is a good business decision?

Member Recruitment & Retention Job Number One: Prove Value through the Member ROI Valuation Process

For your Member ROI Valuation success, Ed Rigsbee employs qualitative focus group research methodology, along with his personal “Art & Science” to help your members determine the real-dollar ROI they receive from each on the individual member-only benefits your organization delivers. Armed with this information, you can confidently state how much ROI your members believe they receive yearly–after all, people believe what they help to create.

If your organization’s Board of Directors is concerned with marketplace positioning, association branding, member retention, and member recruitment, than taking a sampling of your membership through Rigsbee’s Proprietary Member ROI Valuation Process™ will allow your organization to identify the important member-only benefit strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

What’s the Facilitation Worth to You?

Ed is the only consultant in America that facilitates his specific & proprietary, Member ROI Valuation Process™. This innovative two-hour qualitative research session is not an easy process, nonetheless it easily worth 10 times the cost. Research can be very expensive and frequently deliver questionable results. Yet, at the end of Ed’s two hours with your members, you will immediately have your member ROI numbers in real dollars.

How much is this information worth to your association in membership retention and recruitment? How much is it worth to prove, through real-dollar ROI, to members and prospects that membership in your organization is a good business decision?

Today, members are expected to justify their association/society membership expenditures. You are being asked, “What’s the ROI (return on investment) of your association membership?” You know that the networking and education opportunities have been invaluable to you, but you are now being asked to put a dollar value on what you get. You need Ed!

Why You Need a Professional Facilitator

What’s Next After the Facilitation?

For many membership organizations, the next step is to use the newly gained ROI information to develop a “dazzle them with brilliance, rather than baffle them with bulk” member recruitment brochure.

(For Ed’s brochure template, email your request to ed@rigsbee.com and ask.) With your new brochure in hand, you can launch your new Organic Grassroots Member Recruitment Campaign

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ROI Process flyer

For Member ROI Valuation Process; Read Board Member and Staff Participation Requirements

“For membership organizations…while legislative advocacy and lobbying work might be an excellent member retention tool, it’s the real-dollar return on investment from member-only benefits that will cause someone to join in the first place.” -Ed Rigsbee