Return on Investment (ROI) in Strategic Alliance Development and Implementation

Partnering for Profits Presentation Details

Ed Rigsbee was an early author on the subject of partnering and strategic alliances. His first book, The Art of Partnering was published in 1994, followed by Developing Strategic Alliances in 1999 and PartnerShift in 2000.

For over two decades, Rigsbee has been a Champaign for business growth through alliance. He continues as a consultant and advisor to world class clients such as Toyota, 3M, DHL, Dun & Bradstreet, BE Aerospace, Spirit AeroSystems, George Fischer Signet, Mead, Siemens, Roland, Best Buy, and others. He travels internationally to assist organizations in building their own profitable strategic alliances to improve their total effectiveness and profitability. If your organization seeks help in partnering and alliance development and implementation, consider working with the guy that wrote the books on the subject.

When he takes the platform to deliver his new strategic alliance keynote; The Human Side of Alliance Success, he delivers twice the value. First is his high level content, the formula for strategic alliance success, gleaned from his books and over 2,000 published business growth articles. Second is his naturally playful and humorous manner which he uses to relax and disarm his audience members. The result from this combined delivery design is his distinctive ability to move people into action; to do better and be more effective in growing your business and enjoying life. Articles by Rigsbee on Strategic Alliance Development & Implementation.

Need Alliance Help Right Away? Ed Rigsbee's Pinpoint Session to the Rescue:

Ed's Pinpoint sessions are 90-minute telephone or Skype calls for business leaders. This session is a pinpoint focus on the strategic alliance and partnering solutions you need. Ed laser focuses on the issues most important to you. You set the agenda and Ed offers the coaching and solutions. You email ( your agenda, set up an appointment time (805-498-5720), and he goes to work with focus, for 90 minutes. The fee for your solution-driven alliance pinpoint coaching session is $365.

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