Strategic Alliance Top 10 Strategies

Ten Tips to Developing Outrageously Successful Alliance Relationships (129 words) 

  1. Behave toward your alliance partner the way you want them to behave toward you.Ed Rigsbee, top speaker on Strategic Alliance Success
  2. It’s more important to be a good alliance partner and get things done, then to obsess on being right.
  3. Make relationship bank deposits before you try to make a withdrawal.
  4. Regularly share relationship value updates with your alliance partner.
  5. Know what your partner needs.
  6. Be clear about what you want from your alliance relationship and what you are willing to give to it.
  7. Be committed, always show your confidence and passion toward your alliance.
  8. Do more for your alliance partner than you promised, exceed their expectations.
  9. Resolve conflict immediately.
  10. You can’t partner with an organization or individual that doesn’t want to be a good partner.