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Ed Rigsbee’s Raw & Unedited with Dr. Rick Goodman: Become the Solutions Oriented Leader

Dr. Rick Goodman is interviewed on the concepts of his book titled, “The Solutions Oriented Leader” by Ed Rigsbee. Topics covered are: leadership assessment, positive thinking, hiring correctly, communication, feedback, mastering emotional thinking, organizational culture, and conflict. Contact Dr. Rick Goodman at https://www.rickgoodman.com/ or 888.267.6098.

Ed Rigsbee’s Raw & Unedited with Terri Hinkley: Moving from Volunteer to Staff Managed

Ed Rigsbee interviews Terri Hinkley, CEO at Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses on the topic of moving a membership organization away from volunteer managed to volunteer directed and professional staff managed. Communication is one of the very important key elements for success.

Ed Rigsbee’s Raw & Unedited with Bruce Weinstein, Ph.D.: Ethics Matter

Ed Rigsbee interviews Bruce Weinstein (The Ethics Guy) in a lively discussion of what ethics are for association executives, how to embrace doing the right thing, and why it is in your best interest. Learn more about Bruce at http://theethicsguy.com/

Ed Rigsbee’s Raw & Unedited with Steven Iwersen, CSP: Dealing with Prickly People

Ed Rigsbee interviews Steven Iwersen, author of “The Porcupine Principles! How to Move Prickly People to Preferred Outcomes.” https://www.steveniwersen.com/ Steven talks, through the window of how this applies to association executives, about the (1) Principle of the Starting Line (2) Principle of the Broom (3) Principle of the Trash Can (4) Principle of the Fence and (5) Principle of the Finish Line. Steven shares that people want respect, value, autonomy or they will exhibit the behaviors of domination, retaliation and/or isolation. Those behaviors are akin to porcupine quills if one feels threatened. Learn why people would rather be invited then told. Learn why persuasion requires guidance and information. Learn why you might want to stop thinking like a boss and more like a coach.