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Partnering Alliance Collaboration

Unleashing Potential: The Power of Strategic Alliances in Business (468 words)

In the dynamic landscape of business, developing strategic alliances has become a crucial aspect for individuals and organizations alike. The book,  Developing Strategic Alliances, explores the myriad reasons and benefits of forging these alliances in his comprehensive guide. This book delves into various strategic alliance examples, shedding light on the immense value that can be derived from collaborative efforts.

Chapter 1: Understanding the Landscape of Strategic Alliances

Seven General Areas of Profitable Alliances:

The book emphasizes that the potential benefits of strategic alliances are vast and not limited by industry or sector. Readers are encouraged to explore innovation and be limitless in their approach. The seven general areas for profitable alliances are outlined as follows:

  1. Products
  2. Access
  3. Operations
  4. Technology
  5. Strategic Growth
  6. Organization
  7. Finance

Strategic Alliance Examples:

There are numerous examples illustrating the diverse ways in which businesses can profit from strategic alliances. These examples include alliances for technological sophistication, training, market share increase, improved customer service, innovation, cost savings, financial stability, buying parity with giants, supply chain improvements, and productivity increases.

Key Insights from Each Area:

Technological Sophistication: Alliances can result in an exchange of technology, providing a competitive edge. Examples include Kinko’s and Xerox, as well as IBM and Apple.

Training: The book stresses the importance of learning curve commitment and cost savings through training programs, with examples such as Guggenheim Dental and the National Nutritional Foods Association.

Market Share Increase: Co-branding, access to new markets, and positioning for future needs are discussed, with examples like Betty Crocker’s Soda-Licious and Copeland Corporation’s alliance with Kirloskar.

Improved Customer Service: Alliances can lead to improved attitude towards customer service and increased loyalty, exemplified by United Airlines and the Star Alliance.

Innovation: The book highlights the role of alliances in fostering innovation, with examples from the computer and electronics industries and the University of Toronto’s Innovations Foundation.

Cost Savings: Emphasizing cost savings through alliances in manufacturing, distribution, and shared locations, citing examples like Donnelly Corporation and Bank of America.

Financial Stability: The book discusses how alliances contribute to financial stability, providing access to capital and achieving economies of scale.

Buying Parity with Giants: How strategic alliances enable smaller organizations to purchase goods on par with industry giants, with additional discounts and services.

Supply Chain Improvements: The book outlines various supply chain improvements achievable through strategic alliances, using examples from Wal-Mart and Procter & Gamble.

Productivity Increases: How productivity increases can be achieved through partnering alliances, citing studies from Brown & Root/Braun and successful practices in the construction industry.



Ed Rigsbee concludes by emphasizing the holistic benefits of strategic alliances. The book encourages companies to embrace the philosophy of collaboration, emphasizing that the result will be improvements in quality, productivity, and profitability. Strategic alliances, when approached with the right mindset, can lead to mutually beneficial solutions for all parties involved.


Tom Papas, Western States Roofing Contractors Association

Ed Rigsbee’s Raw & Unedited with Tom Papas (WSRCA): Going by the Book

Tom Papas, Executive Director Western States Roofing Contractors Association shares his perspective on following bylaws, leader fiduciary responsibility and quality governance. He suggests association executives rely on the law, common sense and empirical knowledge to stay on course.

Dawn Tiura-double your meeting by going virtual

Ed Rigsbee’s Raw & Unedited with Dawn Tiura (SIG.org): Doubling Meeting Attendance by Going Virtual

Convert your event from live to virtual and double meeting attendance in 6 weeks. Dawn Tiura, CEO & President at Sourcing Industry Group, a membership association of over 400 Global 1000 companies…representing an annual spend of $11 Trillion, shared her success in converting her live meeting to virtual in 6 weeks. With only 19 employees, the staff worked 80-90 hours a week over 6 weeks to make the conversion. This meeting exploded from 350 live attendees to 1151 virtual attendees. Learn about the platform, marketing, keeping sponsors, gamification, keynotes, breakouts, fireside chats, shipping swag/promo kits, and much more. https://www.sig.org/

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Ed Rigsbee’s Raw & Unedited with Julie Adams: Converting Your Org from Volunteer to Staff Managed

Ed Rigsbee interviews Julie Adams, Ph.D., CAE, Owner Agile Association Management Solutions on converting a volunteer managed organization to that of staff managed. What it was like 20 years ago when she first achieved the goal and today again.

Tom Papas, Western States Roofing Contractors

Ed Rigsbee’s Raw & Unedited with Tom Papas: Member Recruitment at Your Expo

Ed Rigsbee Interviews Tom Papas, Executive Director, Western States Roofing Contractors Association on how to grow your membership (10+%) with a “membership booth” on your expo floor.

Don Phin explaining Covid-19 employee law

Ed Rigsbee’s Raw & Unedited with Don Phin: COVID-19 & Employee Law

Association & Society executives are facing huge issues with cash flow and retain employees. April 1, 2020 changes much. Terminate or furlough? Employment law attorney, Don Phin, answers your questions. More answers at https://www.donphin.com/


Richard Melancon and Ed Rigsbee

Ed Rigsbee’s Raw & Unedited with Richard Melancon: Reopening Businesses

Ed Rigsbee, CAE interviews Richard Melancon, CPA about how to successfully reopen your business following the post Covid-19 pandemic shut-down. Richard states that the customer loyalty, customer service, and branding rules have drastically changed. Be armed with insightful knowledge for your successful strategy and tactics.

Ed Rigsbee’s Raw & Unedited with Dwight Holcomb: Lean Membership Marketing

https://rigsbee.com Ed Rigsbee, CSP, CAE, interviews Dwight Holcomb, author, “The Lean CMO-How Small Marketing Budget Can Produce Big Results” featuring Five Marks of the Lean CMO
1. Always Learning
2. Lightning-Fact Results
3. Positive ROI
4. Know Your Niche
5. Efficient and Effective Campaigns

Three Codes to Thinking Lean
1. Asking the Right Questions
2. Understanding True ROI
3. Learning Lean

Four Major Beliefs Lean CMOs Must Abandon
1. Outsourcing means your job is in danger.
2. More people means more ability.
3. More budget means better marketing.
4. More data means better decisions.

The Five Foundational Habits of the Lean CEO
1. The Lean CMO is Always Learning
2. The Lean CMO is Always Executing
3. The Lean CMO is Always Filtering
4. The Lean CMO is Always Maximizing Assets
5. The Lean CMO is Always Eliminating the Value Drains

Ed Rigsbee’s Raw & Unedited with Tim Jackson: 100% Member Market Penetration

Ed Rigsbee, CSP, CAE, interviews Tim Jackson, CEO, at Colorado Automobile Dealers Association on how his organization achieved 100% member market penetration.

Ed Rigsbee’s Raw & Unedited with Corey Perlman, CSP: How to Avoid Social Media Overload

Ed Rigsbee interviews Corey Perlman, CSP, author of “Social Media Overload!” on how associations can easily leverage their social media activities to grow their organizations, deliver more value to members and further their mission. Contact Corey: 248-388-9788, corey@impactsocialmedia.com & https://coreyperlman.com/