Ed Rigsbee's Full-Day & Half-Day Member Recruitment, Assimilation, Engagement, and Retention Workshop for Association Executive Organizations and State/Local Societies of Association Executives:

What association executive wouldn't want their members to become recruitment evangelists?

Here's the rub. Associations and societies across North America are struggling with membership retention and recruitment because they do not know how to prove to members and non-members that membership is a good business decision. One of the key reasons for this current struggle is the fact that most associations and societies find it very difficult to accurately demonstrate their yearly sustainable real dollar ROI of membership. Simply put, members and non-members alike are now demanding, "Show me what's in it for me, show me the ROI of Membership."

ROI Process flyer

More commonly today, association and society members must justify their membership investment of both time and money; either to themselves or to their companies. Gone are the days that industry stakeholders join their association or society just because they should. The Baby Boomers that "just joined because they should" are disappearing while the Gen X & Y leaders, in order to join, are demanding real-dollar ROI.

Rigsbee's workshop titled, Want More Members--Give Them More ROI is designed to help today's association and society executives to strip away erroneous beliefs about what today's association and society members, and their employers, want from their industry organization.

Ed Rigsbee, CSP Certified Speaking Professional, CAE Certified Association Executive, is passionate, which is quickly evident in his workshops, about helping association and society executives to:

  • See things through the eyes of non-members
  • Shed erroneous beliefs about what today's members want
  • Move associations and societies from simply listing the features of membership to selling the honest benefits
  • Prove that membership is a good business decision
  • Find more real-dollar ROI in both, what your organization currently offers and what else might be available to offer
  • Understand that legislative and advocacy efforts are not the "new member" draw that they might once have been
  • Turn current members into raging member recruitment evangelists...

From Ed's full-day workshop, professional association and society staff will learn:

  1. How to shift your organization's member life-cycle view to one of developing member recruitment evangelists from retained members.
  2. How to conduct Ed Rigsbee's Member ROI Valuation Process, learning both the art and science, to determine the current and actual, yearly sustainable real-dollar value from membership and participation. This process is the cornerstone for all member recruitment and retention campaigns. (Ed will actually conduct his Member ROI Valuation Process when 75% of attendees are "actual" dues paying members of the sponsoring organization. If less than 75% are dues paying members, he will explain in detail his proprietary process. Staff of dues paying members that do not pay individual dues are not considered members for the above percentage calculation.)
  3. How to identify and challenge association activities that consume resources and deliver little ROI to members. Then decide to deliver member ROI verses vague value propositions.
  4. How to put more ROI, real and perceived, in your current activities and member benefits.
  5. How to develop an actual member ROI and member benefit driven recruitment brochure. This is an important tool for member evangelists.
  6. How to plan, develop, and implement an organic grassroots member-get-a-member recruitment campaign.
  7. Staff driven member recruitment verses member driven recruitment. (And mentor assignment)
  8. How to shift your organization into a high value, high ROI delivery conduit yielding high-level member satisfaction and retention.
  9. For Member ROI Valuation Process; Read Board Member and Staff Participation Requirements

If you like what you see, there are two ways to work with Ed to bring his ROI Member Recruitment System Workshop to your association executive organization; ask him about each option:

  • Fee Based
  • Revenue Share Program

For your association executive organization's annual meeting, Ed's recommendation is:

  • AM Keynote titled, Want More Members? Give Them More ROI which highlights the crucial elements of his full-day workshop.
  • Concurrent session follow up late morning or early afternoon where he will conduct his Member ROI Valuation ProcessTM for determining the member ROI your organization delivers (75% of attendees must be dues paying members of sponsoring organization).

Double Benefit to Your Organization:

  • Your members will experience Ed's Member ROI Valuation ProcessTM so they can, if they desire to, do it for themselves.
  • Your association executive organization will now have real-dollar member benefit ROI numbers for future member recruitment campaigns.

If you have not yet joined Ed Rigsbee's "Member ROI" Group at Linkedin, please do so. Since January 2010, the group has grown to over 2,400 association and society executives and staff. Group membership is not available to suppliers or volunteer leaders. To join, please visit http://www.linkedin.com/groupRegistration?gid=2672904

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Ed's October 2014 presentation at the Canadian Society of Association Executives Annual Convention