Non Dues Revenue for Non Profits

Non Dues Revenue Acceleration for Non Profits

Keynote or Workshop by Ed Rigsbee, CSP, CAE

Ed Rigsbee Non Dues Revenue

Ed Rigsbee Presenting Non Dues Revenue Acceleration

Everybody is talking…non dues revenue. Over the past five decades associations and societies have grown more dependent on non-dues revenue to balance their budgets—from a 1950s average of about 5% to a current almost 50% (95.7% in 1953 to 45.4% [trades] in 2016). Organizations that are passionate about their mission are increasingly becoming as dependent on non-dues revenues as they are on membership dues revenue.

Learn how to build onto your current meeting and convention registration fees, exhibit and trade show booth fees, and educational program fees strategy. Take non-dues revenue to the next level.

Membership organizations are becoming quite creative: from owning their own workers compensation insurance company to owning the state approved consumer purchasing agreement forms printing company to a myriad of alliances, affinity discount programs, and in-house products. Associations and societies are on the lookout for new and exciting offerings for their members.

One organization increased their Expo revenue $50,000 by simply discontinuing allowing non-member attendees to attend their opening night party for free. They started charging non-members a modest fee and received an instant $50K revenue boost.

Learn the how to strategies, including roadblock navigation, during Ed Rigsbee’s accelerating non-dues revenue workshop. Included will be the discussion of questions like: hosting free events, member verses non-member product and service price differential, developing new fee-based services and strategic sponsorship.