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Ed’s tips for budding speakers to be more successful include being specific in what areas you want to work and then drill down on the important associations and societies in a general area of the country that you can research to discover the types of meetings they hold and contact information.

Another way Ed has gained speaking engagements is to create an informative Article Bank. Keep it updated and add not only personally written content, but content that is permitted to be shared by other writers.

Be sure to also listen to the three traits Ed believes are needed to Soar to Success.

Sometimes you have to take the “road less traveled” to find success in business. The guest on Episode 721 of “Making Waves at C-Level has done just that. In this interview Ed Rigsbee shares his eclectic career journey and the lessons he has learned along the way.

As an individual or a company, innovation is key to finding your highest levels of success.

Ed Rigsbee (Certified Association Executive & Certified Speaking Professional) resides on multiple sides of the association equation…nonprofit CEO, Association CEO community leader, professional speaker, & community builder. His multi-faceted perspective allows for creativity and innovation not often seen.

What You’ll Learn In This Episode

  • Building an organization from zero
  • Delivering member ROI
  • Innovation in member services/products/engagement
  • CEO aloneness

With an inside scoop on what associations need and what they’re looking for in their speakers, Ed shares his insights on what speakers need to know about getting booked from associations.

If you’re a speaker ready to maximize the association world, this is the episode for you.

They say it’s a wise person that learns from their own mistakes and it’s an even wiser person who is able to learn from the mistakes of others. Of course, all of this wisdom comes easier if you have someone willing to share the mistakes they’ve made and what they’ve learned from them.

Ed’s going to share some those hard earned lessons with us today, including:

·      That there’s something more important to success than being right

·      How to get the best (and avoid the worst) from your people

·      The value of Relationship Bank Deposits

·      What he learned at the Sunglasses display at the Park Pharmacy in Paso Robles, CA

·      And we end with the 3 great words that will change your life.

Today, we have the pleasure of speaking to another icon in our industry, Ed Rigsbee, of Rigsbee Research. Ed has spent his entire career helping associations and societies to recruit and maintain their members and increase their revenue. He has written five books: one of them on soccer, one on member recruitment, and three of them on strategic alliances, and he has also written more than 2,500 articles.

In this episode, Ed shares his story and talks to us about providing value and the amazing community he started, called The Cigar Peg.

It is very important right now for associations to provide value, so we’re sure that you will enjoy our conversation with Ed.

Leadership expert, Keynote Speaker and Author of The Solutions Oriented Leader Dr. Rick Goodman has a conversation with Ed Rigsbee CSP CAE known as the ROI Guy for associations and professional societies about how trade associations and professional societies are operating under fire do to the COVID19 Pandemic.

Ed Rigsbee, (CSP) Certified Speaking Professional, (CAE) Certified Association Executive, is the ROI Guy. He is obsessed with helping you to give and receive more return on investment (ROI) in everything that you do. He will help your organization to elevate your business relationships from ordinary to extraordinary; in service, results and profitability.

Ed Rigsbee is one of a select and very few people on the planet to hold both a CSP and a CAE. He has been a professional member of the National Speakers Association since 1988 and was awarded the certified speaking professional. Ed is the ROI guy. He’s obsessed with helping organizations to give and receive more return on investment in everything that they do. He’s recognized internationally on the topics of strategic alliance development and membership growth.

One of the best ways to sell books is to speak. The question becomes: who pays speakers. And how do authors find them? With Judith Briles for this podcast is Ed Rigsbee, an expert in getting booked to speak for both associations and societies.
You will discover:
-how to find the true decision maker who hires speakers
-how to get paid to speak
-how to find paid speaking gigs
-when to speak for free
-how to get paid to speak for associations
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Unlocking The Potential of Your Association By Creating Evangelists and Rethinking Membership With Ed Rigsbee

Ed Rigsbee is an internationally recognized expert on strategic marketing alliance development and implementation. As a sub-specialty, Ed works with non-profit associations and societies helping them to develop member recruitment and retention campaigns. In this interview Ed discusses his member recruitment cycle, pricing structures, and tips to unlock the potential within your association.