Rigsbee Research is building association and society Chief Staff Executive (CSE) Mastermind groups because it is lonely at the top. These mastermind groups will be a safe and confidential community for you, the CSE, to discuss problems, challenges, and seek solutions from colleagues.

The Goal

In developing these CSE Mastermind groups, CSEs that participate will be able to better serve the association and society community in helping their organizations to become or remain relevant, prosper, and experience sustainable growth.

Long-Term Vision

At the beginning there will be only one mastermind which will remain intact for at least one year. After, the plan is to eventually grow into four; one for national associations and societies with budgets under $10 million and a second for national organizations with budgets over $10 million. The third will be for smaller state and regional organizations and the fourth for larger state and regional organizations.

Built Upon Four Pillars:

  1. Professional Development
  2. Networking and sharing
  3. Confidentiality
  4. Accountability

What’s in it for You, the CSE?

  1. You will participate in two (90-minute) video meetings (per month) to learn from colleagues, receive counsel, enjoy career development and learn from subject matter experts.
  2. Video review of each meeting will be available to those that attend the specific meeting.
  3. You will have a private community on Slack for immediate connection with your mastermind colleagues.
  4. You will receive a private monthly coaching call (up to one hour) with the group facilitator (Ed Rigsbee) to help you keep accountable to all that you desire to accomplish.
  5. You will have regular access to your mastermind partners for immediate problem solving and other issues that arise between mastermind video conferencing.

Who Can Join? 

Chief Staff Executives leading associations and societies.

Mastermind Participation Considerations

  1. No competitors.
  2. One person per association management company (AMC).
  3. Once mastermind(s) are started, members will be informed of others in consideration and have input.
  4. Eventually have four mastermind groups to allow CSEs of similar size and scope organizations to build community with one another.
  5. The first mastermind will launch with a minimum of five participants.
  6. Masterminds will be considered full at twelve members.
    1. Twelve members should give reasonable assurance that a minimum of 8-10 people will make each video call.
    2. It is not mandatory that any of the groups reach the maximum membership size.

Mastermind Structure

  1. Twice monthly video (Zoom) call for 90-minutes per call. Meetings will be recorded and only participants of the individual meetings will have access to recordings. (Day and time will be determined with first six participants.)
  2. Meeting format will be varied; give and get, topical discussion, presentations from subject matter experts, and other formats.
  3. Twelve CSEs (absolute maximum) per mastermind group.
  4. Minimum size per group will be five.
  5. Each member will have (if desired) a monthly coaching call with the group facilitator, Ed Rigsbee.
  6. There will be one live gathering (optional) for all mastermind participants in a location suitable to all.
  7. All conversations are confidential.
  8. Slack will be employed for group conversations, notices, and various communications.
  9. To participate, a one-year commitment from each CSE will be necessary.

Role of the Organizer/Facilitator

Ed Rigsbee, CAE, CSP is the group organizer/facilitator. He has been leading a geographical professional speaker mastermind in Southern California for nearly 30 years. He also hosts Cigar PEG advanced speaker mastermind groups in Key West and Maui. He is the author of The ROI of Membership, PartnerShift, Developing Strategic Alliances, and The Art of Partnering. He will be tasked with:

  1. Group communication
  2. Meeting announcements
  3. Content procurement and organization for meetings
  4. Zoom & Slack operation
  5. Uploading meeting videos and link announcement
  6. Live annual meeting organization
  7. Monthly coaching/consulting (optional) for all group members. Ed approaches coaching/consulting through the windows of:
    1. Business is about results…accountability
    2. Mutually beneficial relationships develop unparalleled synergy
    3. Association success is everybody’s business


  1. In order to develop mastermind groups where all members are committed and all-in, the annual financial commitment for participation is $5,000. Only annual commitments will be accepted.
  2. Options are:
    1. $416 per month for 12 months
    2. Prepayment, discounted to one payment of $4,000.
    3. In an effort to create a successful launch, the first six CSEs to make the commitment will be offered…prepayment of $3,000.