What Can Ed Rigsbee, CAE, CSP & Rigsbee Research Do to Help Your Organization Grow…

  • Telephone Pain Discovery Consultation: We first have to understand the challenges, roadblocks and landmines. Every non-profit is entitled to one free 30 minute consultation.
  • Membership Growth Webinars: Several available.
  • Qualitative Research: Member ROI Discovery Focus Group Facilitation
  • One-Day Master Class for staff and/or boards on Member ROI (20 attendees maximum)
  • Keynotes, Workshops, Training, and Facilitation (customized for your organization)
  • Ed to Attend Your Entire Meeting: Multiple contributions to your meeting success. For Annual Meetings, Conventions, or Board Meetings (multiple days/multiple presentations).

♦ All travel and lodging expense invoiced to client following the event.

Going Deeper for Sustained Membership Performance

  • Consultant On Call: Regular telephone access to Ed Rigsbee
  • One-Month Discover & Recommend Package: This is an accelerated process where your Bylaws, Policies & Procedures, Membership Marketing, and Membership Retention processes are reviewed for “membership growth roadblocks” and recommendations for improvement are made in a written report.
  • Six-Month Membership Retrofit: process for helping organizations to get from there they are to a far better place.
  • Twelve-Month Total Organizational Strategic Membership Growth Process


“Regardless of your organization’s approach to member recruitment; organic member-get-a-member, online & social media, or printed materials for postal distribution…nothing is more effective than proving that membership is a smart business, financial, and career decision…by proving the ROI of membership in real dollar numbers.”
-Ed Rigsbee, CAE, CSP