Whole Conference SPECIAL PACKAGE

Conference Cost Saver Package When You Use Ed Rigsbee, CAE, CSP

One Price for Multiple Programs at One Meeting = High Value

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“Save big at your next meeting, conference or convention. Keep your costs down and still deliver the high content your attendees need and expect. Rather than relying on low fee, no fee and inconsistent industry speakers, select a professional to deliver exciting value. I will deliver a dynamic opening session and follow up with content-filled workshops. Perhaps you would like a pre-conference seminar and additional conference concurrent sessions? Consider offering your allied (supplier) members their own special session. I can even offer you a spouse program. Even if you need me at your meeting for multiple days, that’s all part of the package too.” -Ed Rigsbee, CAE, CSP

Rigsbee’s multi-day offering is amazing. You get member recruitment, and/or strategic alliance programming for one affordable fee.

Ride the Member ROI Wave and/or Total Organizational Partnering System (TOPS) program for your next meeting. Go beyond offering just the tactics. Rather, offer both the TOPS strategy and the tactics to hang on the strategy. Give your attendees all the tools they need to successfully survive and thrive in today’s uncertain economy. For association meetings, added to the presentation is also an interactive session of determining the real and yearly sustainable value the association delivers to its members.

Get an experienced professional speaker for what you would pay a beginner or industry speaker, possibly less. Rigsbee will deliver several sessions at your meeting (over two or three days) for a single fee. Now, add up the total cost of using several industry speakers–multiple travel, hotel and assorted expenses for your real cost. Do the same if you are considering low-fee entry-level speakers and compare the real cost to using Rigsbee for several sessions.

All this for one price, plus travel flat rate expense:

  • Keynote & General Session Presentations
  • Concurrent workshops
  • Allied (supplier) Programs
  • Spouse Sessions
  • Member Recruitment strategy & tactics
  • Association Value Session
  • Individual Member Consulting Sessions

You’ll save big dollars since you’ll only have to cover hotel for one. You’ll save big dollars in speaker fees by only hiring one speaker—and no travel expense.

The cost for all of the above is a very affordable fee of $15,000 (corporate) or $12.000 (non-profit) and Ed will even cover his own travel in North America. You (client) will cover Ed’s room & meals at the event.