Ed Rigsbee, the ROI Guy, Certified Speaking Professional, Certified Association Executive, is bringing his two worlds together: non-profit leaders and professional speakers…while showing both how to get an excellent return on their investment.

He is the President of Rigsbee Research and is a nationally recognized expert on strategic alliance development, non-profit membership growth, and organizational strategy. He has authored five books:

  • The ROI of Membership-Today’s Missing Link for Explosive Growth
  • PartnerShift-How to Profit from the Partnering Trend
  • Developing Strategic Alliances
  • The Art of Partnering
  • Kids. Parents & Soccer

With more than 2,500 print published articles to his credit, Ed is a regular contributor to business, trade and professional publications globally. Ed has been an adjunct professor for both the Universities of California at Santa Barbara and California Lutheran University. In the mid-1990s, Ed’s natural gift is the ability to quickly synthesize information, cut through the unnecessary…delivering timely valuable insight.

Ed is also the co-founder & executive director of an IRS recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit public charity (the Cigar PEG Philanthropy through fun) that has donated (since founding in 1999) over $830,000 to various relief & medical causes. He runs a weekly association/society CEO mastermind via Zoom and is co-founder of the Association & Society Speakers Community (ASSC). Helping professional speakers to better connect with associations & societies is the goal of ASSC.

Besides his speaking, writing and consulting activities, Ed enjoys snow skiing. Ed and his wife Regina (married since 1974) have two sons, Ryan and Jonathan…and now three grandchildren…Taylor, Travis & Wyatt.

By now, you are probably thinking, “Great, but what does this mean to me?”

He’s got some great ideas on how to get straight to the money. Let’s give Ed a warm [insert your organization’s name] welcome.