Recommended Professional Speakers for conferences and meetings that can be contacted directly

Recommended Professional Speakers

Rigsbee Research Recommends the Below Listed Professional Speakers for Trade Association and Professional Society Events

Business Growth:

Ed Robinson, CSP – Anyone can be a rainmaker: the owner and executives who provide strong leadership, the sales team that brings in revenue, the employees who build client connections. A rainmaker is anyone who takes an active role is growing a thriving business.


Terry Paulson, Ph.D., CSP, CPAEChange! Love It and Lead It! Helping organizations, teams, and leaders to make change work

Marty Stanley, CSP – The “No Stress” Keynote Speaker. Creating a competitive advantage and collaborative teams through corporate culture

Marcey WalshDecision Support Specialist and author of ‘Before It’s Too Late’, reveals 5 neuro-keys that easily inject a sense of urgency into any  client or team presentation.


Laurie Brown, CSP – Works with leaders and teams who want to use compelling communication to influence and persuade.  Http://

Jill Schiefelbein – Communication + Education + Technology = Increased Sales and More Customers Retained Keynotes and training sessions from a TRUE communication expert, author, writer/partner with

Cryptocurrencies & Blockchain:

Terry Brock, MBA, CSP, CPAE – He speaks regularly at Crypto Conferences and helps leaders learn about using Blockchain for business (smart contracts, supply chain tracking, more). He’s a regular Master of Ceremonies at Crypto conferences and writes about it extensively for Business Journals.

Customer Service:

James D. Feldman, CSP, CPIM, CPT – Creating buyer insistence in any size organization…the Customer Experience Advisor that focuses on Actionable End Results.

Digital Sales & Marketing:

Aidan Crawford – Digital Strategy for Today’s Passionate Entrepreneurs

Emotional Intelligence:

Halelly Azulay – The expert to engage, educate, and inspire your leaders to greatness. As a Speaker and author, she develops leaders that people actually want to follow. Halelly is a dynamic and energetic speaker who combines her 20+ years of experience with the latest social science research in a fun, interactive, and captivating way.

Lori Marcoux – Consciously raising EQ is the key to the art of self–discipline, improved social skills and producing desired results through relationship based leadership. With an accomplished multi-disciplinary background, Lori uses straightforward communication, infectious enthusiasm and vivid humor to help her audiences grow exponentially as leaders.

Employee Engagement:

Lisa Ryan – Specializing in manufacturing associations – she helps you to keep your top talent and best clients from becoming someone else’s.

Employee Retention & Generational Dynamics

Cara Silletto, MBA – Reducing unnecessary employee turnover by bridging generational gaps and making managers more effective. She’s a Workforce Magazine “Game Changer” and is in’s “Top 10 Company Culture Experts to Watch.”


Bruce Weinstein, Ph.D. – Helping organizations that want to do the right thing every time and recognize the key to their success is the high character of their employees.

Hiring & Development:

Chris Price – What’s the Cost of a Bad Hire? Are you treating your People like Adults, or Idiots? Certified in professional-level Assessment & Development tools, Chris helps organizations increase their “Propulsion” by better managing People & Culture.


Dale Irvin, CSP, CPAE – The world’s only Professional Summarizer and the ultimate meeting emcee


Robert B. TuckerDriving Growth Through Innovation. Internationally recognized as one of the top speakers on innovation


Niels Brabandt – He helps managers to become better leaders by mastering Sustainable Leadership

Dr. Rick Goodman CSP – Providing Solutions Globally That Help People & Organizations LEAD, ENGAGE & GROW Their Business

Steven Iwersen, CSP – Author, The Porcupine Principles! How to Move Prickly People to Preferred Outcomes

Mike Staver, CSPLeadership Isn’t for Cowards. It is all about results

Waldo Waldman, MBA, CSP, CPAE – The Wingman – Hall of Fame Keynote Speaker, New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of Never Fly Solo

Lean Six Sigma

Carlos Conejo – Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, has has been helping Public, and Private Sector, as well as Military organizations improve their delivery of service.  He has spoken and delivered services to the Food, Hospitality and Association industries.


Kit Welchlin, M.A. – Shares Kit Communication strategies for communicating across the generations at work, handling difficult people, and managing stress, time, and procrastination.


David Newman, CSP – Owner of Do It Marketing, a mentoring and training company helping executives and entrepreneurs speak more profitably

Ford Saeks, CSP – Owner of Prime Concepts, an Integrated Marketing Group Specializing in Internet Marketing, Websites and Branding

Media Training:

Jess Todtfeld, CSP – Former TV Producer, Best Selling Author, Guinness Record holder helps people to get a return on interviews.

Money & Finance:

Joel Block, CPA, CSP – Straight talk about money and business so organizations can increase profits – by a Hedge Fund CEO and venture capitalist who sold his media company to a Fortune 500.

Mary Kelly, Ph.D., CSP – FutureNomics and leadership to improve productivity and profit growth. Former Navy intelligence officer, chief of police, PhD economist, & best-selling leadership author entertains and energizes.


Joe Curcillo, Esq. – The MindShark is an internationally recognized Award Winning entertainer guaranteed to keep everyone engaged and laughing as they Experience the Magic of Connections. Your audience will push their beliefs as the power of perception stretches beyond imagination. A blend of message spattered with comedy and mind reading entertainment that is this much fun? … well, it just shouldn’t be legal. 

Annie Meehan – Leading with Impact… the power of words & actions. Be the Exception …7 steps to transformation…The Ride of a lifetime…Setting Big Goals

W Mitchell, Hall of Fame Keynote Speaker – As a “victorious” survivor of two devastating accidents, Mitchell helps others accept unexpected change, gain a new perspective and move forward with purpose. “It’s not what happens to you, it’s what you do about it!” Unforgettable and empowering!

Avish Parashar – As the world’s only “Motivational Improviser,” Avish uses ideas from improv comedy to show audiences how to improvise, adapt, and innovate with change.

Networking & Referrals:

Lindsay Adams, CSP, HOF, Global Speaking Fellow –

Michael Goldberg, CSP – Nationally recognized Networking and Referral Expert (and Boxer!): Networking, like boxing, is about the connection!


Marvelless Mark, A Rock Star Performance Equals Rock Star Results. Conference opening/closing speaker is his strength. He works with organizations that want their teams to achieve immediate Rock Star Results. Author of the Book and Opportunity Rocks traveling the globe as “The Engagement Rock Star”  OpportunityRocks.Net

Presentation Skills:

Graham Davies – Specializing in short notice, high intensity coaching interventions for senior executives who need to speak superbly in front of large audiences.


Don Cooper – The Sales Heretic™ – Original thinking for boosting your sales – Custom sales training, keynote speeches. Don helps salespeople, business owners, and professionals charge more and discount less.

Mark Hunter, CSP – Best-selling author of High-Profit Prospecting, Powerful strategies to find the best leads and drive breakthrough sales results.

Kurt Shaver – LinkedIn Expert – Helping B2B Companies Win Biz with Digital Selling Skills and Sales-Ready Content

Carolyn Strauss, CSP – She works with organizations to win more sales, get more engagement, and increase the ROI- DPMs (Dollars Per Minute™) from their most important asset, their people.

Social Media:

Corey Perlman – 10+ years in the digital marketing industry, Corey delivers actionable takeaways for businesses and associations on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. Video preview: –

Strategic Planning:

Robert Bradford, CSP – Arguably the world’s top consultant/speaker in the area of strategic planning for small to mid-sized corporations

Margaret Reynolds – Master Growth Catalyst, dramatically accelerating growth of mid-market companies


Sierra Modro, CSP – Technology futurist and keynote speaker working with organizations to profit from tomorrow’s trends