“Everyone was very pleased at how well you presented your information and with so much vigor. Your presentation on ‘The Art of Partnering’ was outstanding!” -Chuck Hendrix, Toyota Motor Manufacturing North America, Inc.

“Just wanted to send a quick ‘thank you’ for the excellent talk you gave us last week. Your insight into alliances and strategic partnerships was both refreshing and challenging to our corporation. I especially enjoyed the updated advice you gave on the Golden Rule; I have made it my aim this week to try and discover how my clients and peers would benefit from something they actually desire instead of what I think they would enjoy based on my own, limited experiences.” -Steve Bridge, President, Frontier Technology Inc.

“We would gladly recommend you to any association that needs help in proving the ROI of membership dues to its members.” -Laurel Nelsen-Rowe, Managing Director, American Society for Quality

“You were able to get them to see the ‘forest through the trees’. This is an accomplishment that NO other speaker or facilitator can attest to …” -Jane McEwen, Executive Director, International Packaged Ice Association

“Just a quick note to thank you for the excellent business session presentation at our annual convention last week in Albuquerque. The time you took to study our industry and customize your program for our members was quite apparent and greatly appreciated.” -Irwin Steinberg, Executive Director, Tortilla Industry Association

“You even got us ‘racing’ to the mike to share our opinions with other participants . . . Customizing your workshop to help us generate ideas for WSA’s future awareness efforts was brilliant.” -Jerry Righthouse, Exec Vice President, World Sign Associates

“Your presentation of ‘PartnerShift–How to Profit from the Partnering Trend’ was extremely interesting and helpful to attendees. According to comments on the evaluation forms, members found your presentation interesting and thought provoking.” -Kristine Garland, Executive Vice President, Composite Can and Tube Institute

“Thank you for adding real, credible and concrete ideas to their body of knowledge.” -Cynthia Esher, Measurement, Control & Automation Association

“We’d like to have you back!” -William Gager, Automotive Parts Rebuilders Association

“I’m beginning to use some of your partnering ideas in the association. . .” -William Gager, President, Automotive Parts Rebuilders Association

“Your presentation received high praise from the board and the membership.” -Judy Smith, CMP, Modular Building Institute

“You did it again! With only a weeks notice, you were able to interview my members and to visit a factory to prepare for this presentation on The New Era of Manufacturer/Dealer Relationships. I can’t thank you enough.” -Judy Smith, CMP, Modular Building Institute

“You really opened a few eyes around here – including mine.” -James Myers, President, Coffee Bean International

“I want to thank you for the seminar you presented . . . Your ability to switch between giving data to emphasize points and humor to help remember the message is unique among speakers.” -Charles Christensen, General Manager, Sparling Instruments Co

“It was obvious that you know the subject matter very well based on your ability to go into detail on specific subjects. Your delivery was such that you kept your audience with you throughout the seminar.” -John Schulz, Manager R&D Quality Assurance, Safetran Systems Corp.

“You really did your homework. The customized keynote you created for us met the specific needs of our members very well. It was both content-driven and very entertaining!” -Eva Cover, Vice President/Communications & Member Services, The International Association for Document & Information Management Solutions


“I was impressed by the extensive homework you did on our association, and by the number of our members you spoke with to customize your program. Our attendees found you to be clear, concise, funny, and well-prepared.” -Amy Drago, Independent Sealing Distributors

“Your research and direct contact with our members provided a solid basis for the conclusions you drew; your thoughtful insights were well received and, will make an impact on our industry.” Kathleen DeMarco, Executive Director, Fluid Power Distributors Association

“Your presentation on Partnering was by far the most well received and effective of all speakers we have had in the past.” -Greg Gomes, President, WEBCO Hawaii, Inc.

Your presentation on ‘Partnering in the Digital Age’ provided valuable insights to our attendees and contributed to the success of our conference.” -Charlie Scott, Heavy Duty Distribution Association
“You were highly energetic, entertaining and informative. The ideas and strategies you presented were invaluable in both our member’s professional and personal worlds. Everyone walked away from the meeting with information they could implement immediately.” -Edward Korczak, CAE, Executive Director, National Wood Flooring Association

“Thanks for doing such a great job with our people . . . everyone enjoyed themselves immensely and, more importantly, learned a lot, too.” -Dennis Houlihan, President, Roland Corporation U.S.

“Great Job! Thank you for providing an exciting, enlightening and exceptional motivational presentation.” -Suzanne Stilwill, Executive Director, National Appliance Parts Suppliers Association

“Your presentation was well received, and we heard favorable comments on how organized and entertaining you were.” -Roselle Foley, National Association of Chemical Distributors

“They will be able to use your ideas immediately.” -Deborah Hamlin, CAE, International Association of Plastics Distributors

Specialty Retail:

“We continued to bring you back for three consecutive years due to your overall popularity with the membership. It’s rare to find a personality like yourself that goes the extra mile to interview the membership prior to forum to get to the heart of our industry.” -Jack Glynn, President 2000-2001, Casual Furniture Retailers

“What a great program! You kept the audience entertained while really getting your points across … We were all extremely impressed with the fact that you did your homework …” -Roseanne Hoban, Executive Director, Casual Furniture Retailers

“Thank you for a terrific presentation at the 2002 NATSO Convention. Attendees rated your seminar outstanding and said that it went beyond their expectations.” -Kim Viani, Executive Director, National Association of Truck Stop Operators Foundation

“The professionalism and business experience you brought to the program, along with the expertise you provided regarding community and competitor competition and competing on value was very enlightening and will be of great benefit to the SEMA members in attendance” -Kendall Pyle, Director Educational Services, Specialty Equipment Market Association

“You truly opened the eyes and stimulated the minds of our attendees with your innovative message of partnering for success.” -Kanisha Williams, Program Coordinator, National School Supply & Equipment Association

“You did it again! Thanks for such a great job! -Kanisha Williams, Program Coordinator, National School Supply & Equipment Association

“… thank you for another job well done! If my records are correct this was the 4th NSSEA show you have presented at and the responses keep getting better & better!” Shari Levine, Education & Events Manager, National School Supply & Equipment Association

“You truly opened the eyes and stimulated the minds of our attendees with your ideas.” Shari Levine, Education & Events Manager, National School Supply & Equipment Association

“You did an excellent job of making your presentation very relevant to the challenges facing our industry.” -James Faltinek, President and CEO, National Sporting Goods Association

“We are grateful for the hard work and effort you exhibited. As you can see from the responses received from our attendees, you helped make the 1997 All-Industry Convention a terrific success!” -Karin Mayfield, Education and Meetings Director, National Home Furnishings Association

“Your seminar programs, in particular, were timely and pertinent to our members and we thank you for a job well done.” -Betsy Kaufman, Deputy Managing Director, National Tire Dealers & Retreaders Association

“Your presentation entitled Partnering for Profits was a perfect topic for our Conference . . .” -Don Blythe, President & General Manager, O.K. Tire Stores, Inc., Canada

“Your sessions were well received by our attendees . . . I appreciate you making it as specific and targeted to our members’ needs as you did.” -Randy Beck, Dir of Professional Development, Nat’l Assn of Music Merchants

“Ed, you are to be congratulated for your professionalism and an excellent job in your seminar.” -Meril Weinstein, Director, Member Services, Video Software Dealers Association

“We also feel that the seminars that you contributed were the best that we have ever had.” -Shane Carter, Show Coordinator, Focus on Video-Canada

“Not only was it a pleasure working with a well organized professional, but you garnered some of the best looking comment card scores of the whole Conference.” -Harry Franta, Director of Education, The National Home Center Show & Conference


“You managed to provide a great deal of useful information in your session, and presented it in a lively and upbeat manner. Your energy is amazing!” -Barbara Martin, Executive Director, Building Systems Councils, National Association of Home Builders

“Great Job, again! Your program, The New Era of Contractor Supplier Relationships, delivered answers my members need to thrive in today’s business environment.” William Normand, Director, Management Education Institute, National Electrical Contractors Association

“I would highly recommend you to any construction-related trade association as a keynoter and seminar leader.” -John Fullerton, Vice President, National Frame Builders Association

“Attendees from your session ‘Manufacturer Dealer/Distributor Relationships’ described you as very enthusiastic, easy to listen to and the subject content was excellent.” -Mark Palmer, National Sash & Door Jobbers Association

“The following are some of the great comments from our attendees: ‘Steps are immediately applicable, everything was great!’ ‘Rekindled alliance thinking, great job!’ ‘I now understand the benefit of a good relationship over the long haul.’ Thank you again for all your hard work.” -Rebecca Scruggs, Timberline Software Corporation

“Your presentation was not only high quality, but entertaining as well .. The sharing that you brought out was very impressive, not only on work issues but when people were touched on a personal level. I noticed several times in the succeeding days that you were quoted or the material referred to. – Daniel Les, Marketing Manager, Accubid Systems

“. . . your unpredictable sense of humor and conveyance of your own personal experiences kept all of us captivated.” -Linda Cosgrove, Secretary/Treasure, Tri-County Heating & Air Conditioning


“Your presentation was superb . . . I’ve never attended a seminar like this before where everyone was willing to stay a little longer!” -Lee Whatcott, Senior VP & CFO, Western Financial Savings Bank

“Your presentation was insightful and informative. And, a great start to the meetings that day.” -Rock Planck, CMB, Vice President, Retail Production Development, Irwin Mortgage Corporation

“I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for a very successful workshop . . . you seemed like ‘one of the team’ … There is definitely some energy in the air that was lacking before.” -Thomas Smigielski, Presodent and CEO, Pacific Service Federal Credit Union

“It was great having you with us and believe me, you greatly enhanced our program.” -Herb Reinwasser, Conference & Travel Representative, The Prudential


“Not only did your presentation get rave reviews, it was such a delight to work with you…” -Aaron Mindel, Executive Director, National Air Duct Cleaners Association

“Your mix of humor and information was perfect for out conference. Your presentation provided a renewed understanding to our managers who must partner with their employees and customers daily. Your discussion on how to put ‘competency into collaboration’ presented a clear image of the qualities needed for successful partnering.” -F. Edward Brandon, President & Chief Operating Officer, LB&B Associates Inc.

“Ed went out of his way to learn more about our industry before the meeting and customize his discussions specific to our audience. Ed’s programs were upbeat, entertaining, and motivating.” -Jeff Peterson, Executive Director, Foil Stamping & Embossing Association

“It was obvious that you spent an extensive amount of time researching the profession of physical therapy in order to customize your presentation for the members of our association. Thank you for your experience, enthusiasm and humor you brought to a difficult subject. Your presentation was entertaining and eye opening for many in the audience.” -Felicia Price, CMP, Director of Meetings and Education, California Physical Therapy Association

“You made a significant contribution to its success by really doing your homework on the Association and sharing a large quantity of information with the attendees that they found genuinely meaningful. Ed, it was a sincere pleasure working with you. Thanks again for helping to make me a “hero” in the eyes of some of our most important members.” -Ann Diven, Director of Meetings, Building Service Contractors Association International

“The time you spent acquainting yourself with our industry and membership really showed in your connection with the audience. Excellent presentation! Thanks again.” -Joel Mendes, Senior Director of Membership Programs, CCIM Institute (commercial real estate brokers)

“Thank you for conducting such a successful retreat for our department heads. The feedback from all the participants has been extremely positive. I can already see the benefits of their working more effectively together and closer as a team.” -Charles Oliver, Director of Rooms, Wyndham Emerald Plaza Hotel

“Your keynote on Consolidation was right on the money, and I could tell from the rapt attention of the group, the overwhelming participation during the program, member comments, along with the ratings we gathered — that your presentation was the best of the meeting and one of the best in our history.” -Cara Giebner, Executive Vice President, Service Specialists Association

“I have had several Members comment on how pleased they were that you were able to attend and share your insight and knowledge with them. Thanks again for such a dynamic presentation…” -Ken Reynolds, Network of Ingredient Marketing Specialists, Inc.

“… specific comments that we would like to share with you: Ed was an excellent conference opening keynoter… Man with personality! … As you can see, the attendees enjoyed your presentation.” -Joyce Burkard, Executive Director, Independent Computer Consultants Association

“Your presentations were very well received and your individual ratings by the attendees were excellent. Your presentations were on target for the audience and your ideas were real eye-openers for many.” -William Zschoche, President, National Professional Education Institute

“We received many positive comments from the audience, not only about the topic, but also on the delivery.” -Cindy Murchison, Account Manager, Culligan Dealers Association of North America

“We made a list of the speakers with consistently high scores and great comments and that list includes your name!” -Leslie Davison, Programs and Meetings Administrator, Professionals In Human Relations Association

“Your program was a wonderful compliment to the convention’s agenda and made for a reward able presentation.” -Rebeca Castillo, CMP, California Rental Association

“I want to take this opportunity to thank you for doing such a wonderful job delivering your presentation with an interesting twist …” -Melissa Meadows, Account Manager, California Bottled Water Association

“Everyone really enjoyed your upbeat yet relaxed style, which helped make us comfortable and able to focus on the content of your talk.” -Heather Nivelle, Executive Assistant, Regis McKenna Inc.

“They were very entertained and impressed with your approach.” -Claudia Betzner, Independent Service Network International

“I had the pleasure of witnessing your presentation on partnering yesterday during the Toyota Business Opportunity Fair. Your delivery was the beginning of a very productive day for me and my companies. Your presentation caused me to think of new and innovative ways to accomplish my goals.” -Fred E. Simpson, Carbide Engineering Specialist, Inc.

“You did an outstanding job . . . but what was even more apparent was the work you had done ahead of time in making sure the presentation was customized, directed, and focused.” -Ron Davis, Chairman, Security Assoc, Inc.

“Timely!, Motivational!, Inspired!, Informative! . . . Thanks for living up to your promotional literature.” -Bernard Friedman, Vice President, KinderDance International


“Still hearing comments: “Well, you know when that Ed Rigsbee was here, he suggested … and now that I’ve thought about it, it’s a pretty good idea.” Bet I’ve heard that a dozen times. -Peter Fox, Director of Communications, Kennecott Energy

“I am very pleased that you educated and also entertained the conference attendees . . . I’d also like to thank you for taking the time to learn the jargon and issues of the power industry. You followed through with your promise of true customization.” -Craig McCollom, Conference/Education Director, Northwest Public Power Association

“You have a talent for provoking thought, promoting discussion and getting to the heart of the matter. Your ability to recognize key issues, no matter how subtly introduced, and pursue them was of great benefit to us.” -Christine McFarlane, Dir of Human Resources, California Water Service Co.


“You really did your homework and customized your presentation to the specific needs of our audience.” -John Swanson, IS Manager, Nebraska Machinery Co.

“Your customization was excellent and really made a difference-you really knew your audience.” -Cindy Fellows, Greater Washington Society of Association Executives

“Your ability to remain flexible and address individual concerns during the presentation was greatly appreciated.” -Linda van Gundy, Option Care

“I realize your job was not an easy one with some of us wanting high-content, nuts and bolts and others, a light and fun evening. You achieved both!” -Richard Dyer, Program Chair, Central Assn of College Auxiliary Services

“Your keynote address at our closing luncheon was the perfect complement to the meeting . . . all the participants enjoyed the fact that you customized your presentation to include personal experiences of our IACVB members . . . Your humor and easy-going attitude made working with you a pleasure.” -Eva Zang, VP Education & Special Events, Int’l Assn of Conventions & Visitors Bureaus

“Your unique combination of enthusiasm, humor and insight, however, not only kept everyone’s attention throughout the day, I feel certain that your ideas, concepts & hints will have a lasting, positive effect on the department” -Patrick Hurley, Customer Services Manager, Elite Information Systems

“… your presentation not only rated the highest of the speakers at this year’s meeting, but one of the highest in the ten years I conducted this meeting.” -William Roenigk, Senior VP, National Broiler Council