NSA/CAPS/Professional Speaker Organization Programs Chair, below you will discover four ways (in one visit) that Ed Rigsbee, CSP, CAE, can deliver amazing value to your chapter and its members:

  1. Two-hour morning presentation on Ed’s Four-Step process to get paid association bookings now; through article writing
  2. Three-hour afternoon follow up workshop featuring Ed’s Six-Step process for writing the articles that association editors want and publish.
  3. Full-day pre-chapter meeting, in conjunction with local SAE, MPI, PCMA chapters, in which Ed will deliver his Grassroots Member Recruitment & Membership ROI Valuation seminar.
  4. Pre or Post chapter meeting, geographical mastermind group development; how to and experience how it works


No question about it, today’s business environment is harsh! Selling is the name of the game for solo practitioners and small business.


Are your members reluctant to make the phone calls necessary to succeed in the speaking business? Quite frankly this is the biggest challenge in the speaking industry. As a matter of fact, this is the single most important reason that people fail in the business of professional speaking. So, what can we do about it?


I use, and therefore teach a different approach. I have discovered a speaker’s business development method that can be implemented today. This can be achieved without any fancy technology or need for an accelerated learning curve. The approach that I have successfully used since 1988, when I joined NSA, is to build relationships with association editors, give them my content freely and allow them to become the relationship bridge to association meeting planners. This is an idea that your members can immediately implement, especially for those with call reluctance challenges.


The great thing about paid speaking at association meetings is that your audience is mostly comprised of business owners that have also have the ability to book you to speak for their company meetings and training needs.


My system in summary: write about what you know, talk to association editors and give it away, get paid to showcase at association meetings, and leverage your talk to speak at corporate events—not a bad lifestyle. And, most importantly—this method is immediately implementable, without spending any money.


My presentation is loaded with the: who, what, when, where, and how for developing association business. And as an added bonus, if additional time is available, I will also teach your members how to write the kind of articles that will actually get published.


I would love to speak at your chapter some time in the coming months. Please give me a call so I can share my ideas with you for a future chapter meeting. My office number is 805-498-5720 or drop me an email ed@rigsbee.com. You may access all my articles and blogs at www.rigsbee.com.


Thank you, Ed Rigsbee, CSP, CAE


PS, if you want to push up the value-meter for your chapter, look below for a meetings industry partnership seminar on member value, ROI, and recruitment.


(First) How to Get Paid Association Bookings Through Article Writing– Even in Difficult Times (main program)


Ed Rigsbee, CSP, CAE, will teach you how to sell to trade associations and professional societies by going after their soft underbelly—publication editors. In building a relationship with any association, Ed will teach you how to first build a relationship bridge with the association’s editor by offering articles adapted from your books, keynotes or seminars. Then, you’ll learn how to use the editor relationship to bridge the divide into the meetings department. And, you’ll learn how to find these associations through free Internet directories and web sites. (Half-day Program)


This is the implementation system designed especially for those who hate to make cold calls.

Learn where to go to find the free search sites that will connect you with associations that can book you for paid engagements.

Learn how to let association publication editors connect you with association meeting decision makers—soft sell through the back door!


Through this system, Ed will teach you how to access the national trade and professional association market, 7,500 strong in the United States alone. Get in through the back door by becoming a resource rather than just another cold call.


Your members will learn:

Ed’s Four-Step Association Business Development System

  1. Write articles based on your expertise that association editors will want to share with their readers.
  2. Make your Relationship Bank Deposits; contact association publication editors and make available your articles.
  3. Use that relationship to “warm call” connect with the association’s meeting planner.
  4. Implementation; follow up, follow up some more, & continue to follow up!

(Second) Ed’ Six-Step Process for Writing Articles that Association Editors Will Publish (supporting program/fund raiser seminar)


Rigsbee’s highly interactive article writing workshop will cover how to craft your writing to make your material even more desirable to association editors. Learn wordsmithing; hooks, sloganization, bullet point writing and calls for action. Following this workshop, attendees will be armed with the article template and skills necessary to hook the interest of association editors with the kind of articles that those same editors truly desire. (Half-day Program)


Your members will learn:

Ed’s Six-Step Article Writing Process

  1. Title needs a benefit hook.
  2. Grab interest in first sentence.
  3. Use bullet points or numbered points for content.
  4. Sloganize bullet points whenever possible
  5. Close with an offer.
  6. Your end bio is your sales copy.


(Third) Meetings Industry Partnership Seminar: Want More Members…Give ‘em More ROI! (Great, day before, fund raiser for meetings industry partners)


Get your members connected and rubbing elbows with the local association and meetings industry executives that can actually book them. Partner with your local meetings industry stakeholders for an event that will draw out just the people that speakers want to meet.


What a great chapter fund raiser…consider partnering with your local Meeting Professionals International (MPI), Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA), & Society of Association Executives (SAE) to produce a full-day seminar for the association executives in your area. What a fabulous value-added for your professional members, to spend a day with, and learning about, the membership recruitment and retention issues that association staff must deal with on a daily basis. This will also give your members a better understanding of how to implement Ed’s article system. https://www.rigsbee.com/associationmembershipworkshop.htm


Ed has been helping associations for over a decade to determine the yearly sustainable real-dollar value of membership to determine the ROI on membership dues investment. Association executives love this information. This process is the cornerstone of his Grass Roots Member Campaigns. Ed is the founder and administrator of the (closed) 1,000+ Linkedin Member ROI group for association executives and staff.  Ed is also a (CEO Member) of the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE).

You can access Ed’s member value/recruitment info at:

Member Recruitment

(Chapter Member Value Added at No Charge) Upper-Level Speaker Mastermind (Great for the day before or after your chapter meeting)


In addition to chapter meetings and national conventions and workshops, successful speakers frequently find it valuable to be involved in small geographical mastermind groups, a place where personal issues can be discussed, dissected, and solutions discovered. Cost effective collective marketing strategies can be employed along with other benefits. In 1988, Ed started the Gold Coast Institute http://www.GoldCoastInstitute.com, a Northern Los Angeles area geographical speaker mastermind group. Three of the four original members have continuously participated since the group’s inception, over two decades ago. The fourth moved to Florida . The mastermind consists of approximately 12 professional speakers: including 7 CSPs, two of which also hold the CPAE designation. Check out Mastermind Groups for Professional Speakers


Ed’s A/V needs: LCD projector, oversized screen and a wireless lavaliere microphone; he travels from Los Angeles , California

Testimonials from Florida Speakers Association (on YouTube)



NSA, CAPS & International Federation Chapters and Associations to which Ed Rigsbee, CSP, CAE, has recently presented:


5/19/12—NSA Central Florida, contact Eric Papp, Eric@EricPapp.com or 813-846-0345

5/12/12—NSA Los Angeles, contact David Rohlander, David@DavidRohlander.com or 714-771-7043

4/4/12—NSA San Diego, contact Jeff Rendel, CSP, jeff@jeffrendel.com or 951-340-3770

3/17/12—NSA Georgia, contact Kelly Vandever, kelly.vandever@speakingpractically.com or 770-597-1108

2/18/12—NSA Pittsburgh, contact Karen Litzinger, litzingerkaren@aol.com or 412-242-5342

1/16/12—NSA Tennessee, contact Kimberly Medlock, kimberly@kimberlymedlock.com or 662-893-7933

1/14/12—NSA Michigan, contact Vicki Niebrugge, vickiniebrugge@aol.com or 734-355-0156

11/12/11—NSA Kansas City, contact Joyce Layman, Joyce@joycelayman.com, Blackburn or 816-536-9006


9/24/11—NSA Northwest, contact Brett Clay, brett@changeleadershipgroup.com or 425-440-0970


9/23/11—NSA Philadelphia, contact Todd Cohen, todd@toddcohen.com or 866-515-9445


8/13/11—NSA Oklahoma, contact Burt Smith, burt@drburt.com or 405-748-5835


5/14/11—NSA New Orleans, contact Mike Pennison, mikepennison@gmail.com or 504-430-8874


4/8/11—NSA St. Louis, contact Doug Devitre, dougdevitre@gmail.com or 314-496-5973


1/8/11—NSA Colorado, contact Orvel Ray Wilson, CSP, orvelray@guerrillagroup.com or 303-517-0866


10/9/10—Florida Speakers Association (South Florida Chapter NSA), contact Ken Okel, tvguy@kenokel.com or 561-737-4321 link to testimonials: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-OZnQhXH6nw


6/4/10—NSA North Florida, contact Mary McCormack, mary@keyspeaker.com or 904-233-7973


5/3/09—NSA Ohio, contact Laura Lee Haddad, lauralee@nsaohio.com or 866-900-6446


11/8/08—Professional Speakers Association (UK) annual convention general session speech, contact Roger Harrop, roger@rogerharrop.com


6/4&5/07—Global Speakers Summit & The International Gathering ( Dubai ), contact Reg Athwal, reg@rawuae.com orreg@regathwal.com


5/19/07—Malaysian Association of Professional Speakers, contact Yoga Thevan, yogathevan@gmail.com or Dato’ Dr. Sheikh Omar Abdul, drsoar@soarconsultings.com


4/23/07—NSA-Oregon, contact Christine Richards, Christine@blackbeltbizsolutions.com 503-697-8563


2/21/07—NSA-Utah, contact Kathy Loveless, CSP Kathy@lovelessenterprises.com 801-363-1807 or Julie Morrison jmorrison@americafirst.com 801-726-1503


2/17/07—NSA-GLAC Fast Track, contact Gideon Grunfeld Gideon@sclawcareers.com 310-499-4668


2/5/07—CAPS Saskatchewan, contact Sherry Knight at sherry@dimension11.com or 306-586-2315


1/27/07—CAPS Vancouver, contact Carla Rieger at Carla@carlarieger.com or 604-267-2381


11/18/06—NSA-NYC, contact Debra Burrell at DebraBurrellCSW@aol.com or 212-754-6232


10/21/06—NSA Pittsburgh, contact Patty Kreamer at patty@ByeByeClutter.com or Barbara Thompson at Barbara@barbarathompson.net.


10/20/06—NSA Virginia, contact Sandy Dumont at sandy@theimagearchitect.com or Will Turner at will@dancingelephants.net.


9/12/06—Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS)- Montreal , contact Toni Newman at toni@toninewmam.com or Bernard Landreville at Bernard@benardlandreville.com.


9/9/06—NSA-New Orleans, contact Gerard Braud at Gerard@braudcommunications.com or (985) 624-9976


6/10/06—Florida Speakers Association (NSA-South Florida), contact Linda Sherwin at Linda@lindasherwin.com.


5/13/06—NSA-Arizona, contact Gwen Henson at gwen@nsa-arizona.org or Beth Terry at beth@bethterry.com.


4/28-29/06—NSA/Mid-Atlantic Chapter, contact Kirstin Carey at kcarey@ottsg.com.


11/19/05—NSA-Georgia, contact Paul Johnson at paul.j@panache-yes.com or Waldo Waldman at waldo@yourwingman.com.


11/12/05—NSA/Greater Los Angeles Chapter, contact Liz Mohler at CareerAdviceLiz@lizmohler.com or Lori Akina at info@nsaglac.org.


5/21/06—NSA/Nebraska, contact Jay Rohman at encouraging101@yahoo.com.


4/18/05—NSA/Kentucky, contact Diane Crutcher at diane@crutcherservices.com.


4/11/05—CAPS/Toronto, contact Sunjay Nath at sunjay@sunjaynath.com.


1/14/05—NSA/Mid-Atlantic Chapter, contact Terry Adams at terry@adamsgroup.biz.


1/11/05—Hawai’i Speakers Association, contact Rita Risser at Makana@HawaiianStressManagement.com.


Older chapter & NSA National presentations not listed.

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