This program is designed to help authors, professional speakers, consultants, and content experts to get valuable exposure in the trade association and professional society (membership organizations) market. It is an awesome opportunity for you to access trade association editors…the easy way…through Ed. This is primarily an offer of article distribution via collaboration.

If you would you like to partner with Ed Rigsbee in producing an article…

Ed will be responsible for…

  • Title

  • Opening positioning statement

  • Closing call to action statement

You will be responsible for…

  • 5-7 bullet points in the middle…the actual content; 600-700 words.

You will get first author position and Ed will take second…both in byline and ending bios.

Ed will email the collaborative article to his list of 3,000 association editors and executives and post on at his web site. You can do the same.

The article must be written with business owners, CEOs, and other business leaders in mind…and solve one of the basic pain areas: i.e. productivity, leadership, sales, marketing, change management, innovation, communication, supervision, HR, supply chain, procurement, etc. 

The fee is $500 per article co-authored and distributed.  (Rigsbee event alumni see below.)

  1. After your above purchase of for a single article co-authorship and distribution…
  2. Send Ed an email notice to or call at 805-498-5720 to proceed.
  3. Think about a list or additional resources, eBook, MP3, etc. (further information on your article topic) you might have available for the ultimate reader to request at no charge. This will enable a direct communication between you and your reader.
  4. Once Ed receives your 5-7 bullet points (600-700) words he will create the article title, opening, and closing call to action (for your additional resources) and forward it back to you.
  5. You will review and offer any additional edits.
  6. When you and Ed are both happy with the article, he will put it into his cue for distribution. It’s that simple.

What this Program is NOT: 

  • This is not a coaching program
  • This is not a consulting program
  • Ed will not review your marketing materials or web site

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Find written recommendations like the one below at Ed’s LinkedIn profile:

Ed Rigsbee, CSP Certified Speaking Professional, CAE Certified Association Executive, knows associations and societies; for over two decades he has been successfully selling to them. He has presented for 19 Societies of Association Executives and been published in nearly every state association executive magazine in North America. As CEO of the Cigar PEG, Inc., 501(c)3 non-profit public charity, he holds full executive membership in ASAE (American Society of Association Executives). He is also a member of Michigan Society of Association Executives, and American Association of Medical Society Executives.


He has been published internationally by hundreds of trade associations and professional societies. Ed has presented twice at the World Educational Congress of Meeting Professionals International and at the annual national convention of Professional Convention Management Association. He has presented at numerous additional associations’ and meetings industry’s events and recently presented at the 2012 Summer ASAE annual convention in Dallas.


Joining the National Speakers Association in 1988, Ed received his Certified Speaking Professional credential from the NSA in 2000. He has presented for 22 NSA Chapters; several more than once. He has presented at four chapters of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers and at several international speaker organization meetings in Europe, the Middle East and in Southeast Asia.


Ed is the Executive Director and Co-founder of the Cigar PEG (founded in 1999) which has given $400,000 to the NSA Foundation’s Professional Speaker Benefit Fund, Laura’s Hope, Cardiac Arrhythmias Research & Education (C.A.R.E.) Foundation, American Cancer Society, and other charitable causes. Ed earned his Certified Association Executive credential from ASAE & the Center for Association Leadership in 2012.


More about Ed at Bio