Would you like to be the Promoter of a Selling to Associations Intensive Workshop in your area? Ed will travel to your area and conduct his full workshop for up to eight (8) attendees…call Ed to schedule a date. 805-498-5720 

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If you have seriously considered re-positioning your speaking business…you’ll want to attend.

If you are the rainmaker in your organization and you use public speaking as a conduit for business development…you’ll want to attend.

If you are a professional speaker that would like to more successfully access the vast buying power of trade associations and professional societies…you’ll want to attend.

Are you ready to access the trade association market? Are you ready to get more paid association bookings? Spend an intensive weekend with Ed Rigsbee, and learn how to sell your speaking, consulting, facilitation, and products to trade associations and professional societies who collectively hold over 280,000 meetings a year. This is a totally customized event.

For over 20 years, Ed’s primary market has been trade associations and professional societies. Generally, he goes in the back door through editors to sell his services. He has presented his method for numerous NSA chapters. If you have attended Ed’s NSA/CAPS chapter program, now it is time for Ed_2.0.

What’s in it for You? 

  • The most important WIIFM is that you learn Ed’s complete, start to sell, system
  • Determine your proper positioning strategy for selling your speaking to the non-profit marketplace
  • Create your pre and post meeting products/services offering to increase your dollars per engagement
  • Determine, identify, and locate the best associations that need your speaking topic and expertise
  • Write customized selling scripts to build selling relationships first with editors, then with meeting planners
  • Write customized selling introduction and follow up email communications
  • Walk away with a immediately implementable selling plan.

This intimate weekend is limited to only 8 speakers. In this tight mutually respectful setting, you will learn more quickly and build personal relationships with the other attendees, and Ed– that will most likely last for years. More information at https://www.sellingtoassociations.com/

Raleigh, NC Intensive; September 2012


Richmond, VA Intensive; March 2012

Comments on Ed Rigsbee’s Key West Advanced Speaker Schools


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WOW! What can I say about Ed Rigsbee. He gave me the right knowledge at the right time. I have been speaking for years, mostly for seminar companies who controlled everything and did not pay well. I have been trying to break into the association market without much success.

I then attended one of Ed’s seminars. Ed’s no-nonsense approach cut through all of my marketing fluff and clarified my positioning for me. He worked with me to make sure I knew what associations wanted and how to communicate with them.

I learned so much in just a few days! I immediately changed my marketing campaign and got booked! I now am full-time WORKING FOR MYSELF! My calendar is filling up for next year and the next and I owe it all to Ed’s 20+ years of experience and knowledge. Thanks Ed

Jeff Compton
America’s Management Go-to-GuyTM


“Ed Rigsbee knows more about selling to trade associations than anyone I’ve ever met. As a professional speaker, I found his approach to reaching decision makers through the back door invaluable. If you’re looking for tips, insights and practical knowledge on how to grow your association speaking business, look no further, Ed’s your man.”

Sima Dahl