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Date: Feb 20, 2024 08:54 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)
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Office Hours with Ed Rigsbee, CAEOffice Hours for Chief Staff Executives

Looking for a Safe-Space Association/Society CEO Networking Group?

It can be lonely at the top! With whom will you discuss your unique CEO challenges…definitely not your Board of Directors.

A good answer might be: Weekly CSE Office Hours “Counsel with Colleagues” is exclusively for trade association and professional society chief staff executives (top paid staff position).

If you are not the top paid staff in your organization, please do not purchase.

Meeting weekly since Spring 2020, there is currently quite a diversity of CSEs from international, national, regional, state, and local associations and societies that contribute to substantive, insightful, and solution driven weekly conversations.

CAE Education: Each live & interactive Zoom call is an hour. Each call in which you participate counts toward your total CAE education for your CAE renewal. Over the course of 12 months, we generally cover all 8 ASAE CAE exam content domains.

♦ CSE Office Hours is every Tuesday at Noon Eastern time via Zoom.

♦ Weekly (watch) link to Zoom recordings–password protected.

CSE Office Hours (four meetings a month) takes a unique approach in trusting participants will be fair.

You decide your investment ($50-$200) based on your organization’s CSE training budget and the value you believe you receive. Once you subscribe, your monthly investment will never be increased as long as you maintain your continued subscription.

If you would like to have a Zoom chat with Ed to gain further information, set an appointment time that is convenient to you via Calendy:

Some weeks, the CSE participants vote to select the topic to be discussed (photo with Zoom Poll) and some times we have a subject matter expert guest (see link below).

Sample past meetings:

Guest, John Foster, Esq. meeting contracts lawyer:

Group discussion, using breakout rooms, on “Pricing Virtual Meetings”:

>>> You may cancel your subscription any time. <<<

The diverse organizations from which CEOs & Executive Directors participate.

Here are some comments from current group members:

♦ Ed’s group is my sounding board, my go to for questions, and sometimes my therapy. We have open conversations around Boards, members, conferences, exhibitors, any topic that might fall under association management (and a few topics that don’t). I usually leave the call energized and with new ideas, sometimes I leave the call just knowing that I am not alone in dealing with this.  >>>Megan Stokes, Executive Director, National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs

♦ Attending Ed’s weekly meetings has really helped me to provide better service to my members. This group has provided assistance with taking my event virtual, with increasing sponsorships, with providing new member benefits, and so much more.  >>>Lori Gracey, CAE, Executive Director, Texas Computer Education Association

♦ Being a part of this group has been eye-opening and very positive.  The “members” are from all over the country and all over the “industry” map.  This diversity has offered a number of new ideas to me.  >>>Susan Cheshire, CAE, Executive Director, Georgia School Nutrition Association

♦ Wow, every week I learn something new and can act on immediately.  Great support and wonderful the just-in-time topics.  We all struggled with the new challenges related to COVID-19 and this group rescued me from feeling like I was alone with nowhere to go.  >>>Mary Beth Bigley, DrPH, APRN, FAAN, Chief Executive Officer, National Organization of Nurse Practitioner Faculties

♦ By listening as others share how they’ve handled different issues, I’ve found numerous ideas that I can implement for my organization.  >>>Larry Sigle, Executive Director, Inter-Company Marketing Group (ICMG)

♦ I highly recommend joining Ed Rigsbee’s CSE Office Hours. I have found valuable information and a great group of peers. Participating in this weekly meeting kept me sane this year! The members are very generous with their ideas and recommendations; our virtual meetings would not have been as successful without what I learned from the group. If you are looking to network with other CSEs in an open and safe environment, CSE Office Hours is the group for you.  >>>Celia T. Besore, MBA, CAE, Executive Director, The Monitoring Association (formerly CSAA)

♦ I have received so many great ideas – and avoided issues due to the generosity of the members of the CSE Office Hours group! I leave every call having gained information, insight, and most importantly ENERGY!  >>>Addy M. Kujawa, CAE, Chief Executive Officer, American Alliance of Orthopaedic Executives (AAOE)

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