The Human Side of Ethics with Chuck Gallagher (One-Hour Course)

Real world, real human...ethics from a person that has survived...passing through the belly of the beast. Immediately usable content and long-lasting ponderful questions. Meet your CAE ethics requirement with this 60-minute course. Pass the test after the course and you'll receive a participant certificate.

Inspiring Positive Behavior with a Life-Changing Message about Choices, Consequences, and Ethical Culture

Ethics in the workplace is a serious matter, but talking about it doesn’t have to be “business as usual.” Chuck Gallagher learned a lesson about ethics, choices and consequences the hard way—but now he shares his experience so that others don’t have to.

You may have seen Chuck on television, or heard him on CNN, CBS or NPR radio programs. His business insights are sought after for his strong position on ethics and ethical leadership. Chuck’s focus is business—but his passion is empowering others. His unique business ethics presentations clearly demonstrate he brings something to the platform that isn’t often found in typical business ethics speakers. Chuck’s personal experience in building businesses and sales teams while leading companies provides a practical and powerful framework for ethical success.

Currently Vice President of a national public company and former Sr. VP of Sales and Marketing for a public company, Chuck may have found a sales niche early on in life selling potholders door to door, or convincing folks to fund a record album of his musical performance at age 16 (and yes those were the days when an album was made of vinyl), but it was the school of hard knocks that provided a fertile training ground for Chuck’s lessons in success. Described as creative, insightful, captivating, and a person that “connects the dots” between behavior, choices and success,Chuck gives his clients what they need to turn concepts into actions and actions into results.

Module 1 The Human side of Ethics with Chuck Gallagher
Unit 1 The Human side of Ethics with Chuck Gallagher  
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