For manufacturing organizations seeking assistance with strategic alliance relationships, joint ventures, and supply chain relationship improvements

The New Era of Manufacturer/Distributor (or Dealer) Cooperation:

While this program is quite popular, it is offered only as a Keynote or General Session presentation. It is not available as a breakout or concurrent session.

Combining research with insight, and in an entertaining manner, Ed reveals erroneous beliefs held by supply chain partners. The fact is this; perceptions define reality. Too frequently needless conflict is created by flawed beliefs about what one’s supply chain partner wants, needs and considers to be a positive value proposition. Learn what your competitors are learning about these blemished perceptions. Discover how to give and/or ask for the best Total Value Package available. Manufacturers and distributors and/or dealers learn how to turn around their sell/buy paradigm by discovering and understanding the needs of their distribution partner(s). Through intelligent sales offerings and purchasing practices, resources can be redirected to create more usable value for the supply chain. Learn the ABCs (adversarial, barometric & complementary) of manufacturer-distributor relationships. Discover why Ed say’s, “Yes, you can do better!”

This program can also be adapted to contractor/supplier & manufacturer/agency cooperative relationships.

Program Research:

  • Rigsbee surveys a sampling of both manufacturers and distributors from your association membership. Or, for corporate programs, surveys manufacturing management along with a sampling of the organization’s dealer network.
  • Questions are asked of manufacturers around where distributors can change their behavior to conserve manufacturer resources and also, what would be in it for the distributors if they did change.
  • Both distributors and manufacturers are asked about areas where the other falls short of their commitment to their supply chain partner.

Program Results:

  • Issues from both sides are synthesized and brought to the surface in a safe method, and without personal agendas getting in the way. While Rigsbee points out the foibles of both sides, he acts as a non-judgmental intermediary.
  • Each side can view challenges through the window of their supply chain partner.
  • Rigsbee delivers solutions based on his interviews and knowledge of what other industries have successfully achieved.
  • Participants that enter with an open mind exit with implementation tactics for supply chain improvement.

Manufacturing Clients:

Automotive Parts Rebuilders Association
Avery Research
BE Aerospace
Casting Industry Suppliers Association
Coffee Bean International
Coleman Spas by Maax
Composite Can and Tube Institute
Contact Lens Manufacturers Association
Gasket Fabricators Association
George Fischer Signet
Health Data Sciences Corp.
Industrial Fabrics Association International
InterLink Electronics
International Business Forms Industry
ITT Cannon

LINPAC Plastics
Mead Corp.
Measurement, Control & Automation Association
Modular Building Institute
National Paperbox Association
National School Supply & Equipment Association
National Wood Pallet & Container Association
Rifocs Corp.
Roland Corporation USA
Safetran Systems
Siemens Medical Systems
Sparling Insturments
Taylor Corporation
Toppan West
Tortilla Industry Association
Toyota Motor Manufacturing, North America
The Wheelabrator Corp.
World Sign Associates

Manufacturing Client Comments:

“I just returned from Lockheed Martin’s Astronautics Supplier Conference where I had the pleasure of accepting their Small Business Subcontractor of the Year Award. I’m writing to congratulate you and say that you also share in the award. The ideas from your book, The Art of Partnering, and the knowledge you shared with Rifocs at our dealer conference aided in building this powerful relationship with Lockheed Martin.” -Robert Rickenbach, President, Rifocs Corporation

“Everyone was very pleased at how well you presented your information and with so much vigor. Your presentation, The Art of Partnering, was outstanding!” -Charles Hendrix, Assistant Manager, Supplier Diversity, Toyota Motor Manufacturing, North America

“I had the pleasure of witnessing your presentation on partnering yesterday during the Toyota Business Opportunity Fair. Your delivery was the beginning of a very productive day for me and my companies. Your presentation caused me to think of new and innovative ways to accomplish my goals.” -Fred E. Simpson Carbide Engineering Specialist, Inc.

“You gave them information to take back to their offices to put into everyday practice…Our members remember effective presentations like yours and this is important to a meeting planner…You even got us ‘racing’ to the microphone to share our opinions…Customizing your workshop to help us generate ideas for WSA’s future awareness efforts was brilliant.” -Jerry Righthouse, Executive Vice President, World Sign Associates

“We were very pleased with your presentation, and I know that it got a very good response from all participants. We achieved what I was aiming to achieve…” -A. J. D. Heap, Vice President, LINPAC Plactics

“Your presentation, PartnerShift, was extremely interesting and helpful to attendees.” -Kristine Garland, Executive Vice President, Composite Can and Tube Institute

“you managed to provide a good deal of useful information in your sessions, and presented in a lively and very upbeat manner. Your energy is amazing!!” -Barbara Martin, Executive Director, Building Systems Councils, National Association of Home Builders

“You did it again! With only weeks notice, you were able to interview my members and visit a factory to prepare…I can’t thank you enough…I appreciate your helpfulness in the little details that make both of us look good…You are a true professional!” -Judy Smith, CMP, Executive Director, Modular Building Institute

“Your presentation gave both the manufacturers and the dealers a lot to think about when it comes to creating value for their customers. You took our usual roundtable luncheon and took it to a higher level, giving attendees many ideas to take home and implement.” -Shari Levine, Education & Events Manager, National School Supply & Equipment Association

“I personally appreciated the fact that you spent some valuable time in calling some of the attendees before the meeting. This customizing of your presentation was very important to the group. I’m beginning to use some of your partnering ideas in the association as a way of increasing our programs and services.” -William Gager, President, Automotive Parts Rebuilders Association

“It was obvious that you know the subject matter very well based on your ability to go into detail on specific subjects. Your delivery was such that you kept your audience with you throughout the day-long seminar. The seminar evaluation sheets, which I have reviewed, confirm my comments.” -John Schulz, Manager, R&D Quality Assurance, Safetran Systems Corporation

“The time you took to study our industry and customize your program for our members was quite apparent and greatly appreciated. Your partnering message was on target for the needs of both our large and small members. I know that many of them will be putting into action the ideas you shared with the group.” -Irwin Steinberg, Executive Director, Tortilla Industry Association

“Thank you for doing such a wonderful job in delivering your presentation with an interesting twist by slipping a few cartoons in relation to the topic, this kept everyone entertained and interested.” -Melissa Meadows, Account Manager, California Bottled Water Association

“Thank you for adding real, credible and concrete ideas to their body of knowledge.” -Cynthia Esher, President, Measurement, Control & Automation Association

“On behalf of my colleagues, I would like to thank you for a very stimulating and productive seminar. You opened a few eyes around here–including mine.” -James Myers, President, Coffee Bean International

“We hired Ed Rigsbee to facilitate our sessions focused on marketing at our annual convention. This was a huge challenge as our members have traditionally not looked at the broader picture in terms of what can be done differently to re-focus our products and thus grow our industry. Ed’s succinct, yet gung-ho facilitating process led the members to where THEY thought they initially couldn’t go, to knowing it was the only way to go. For our group, that was huge. Ed has an uncanny ability for professional facilitating. Thanks for setting us our future course.” -Jane McEwen, Executive Director, International Packaged Ice Association