Ed Rigsbee serves wholesale distribution organizations and their supply chain partners to build profitable and successful business relationships through Strategic Alliance and Partnering implementation strategies.

Partial List of Distribution Clients

Air-conditioning & Refrigeration Wholesalers Association
American Dental Cooperative
California Bottled Water Association
Cleaning Equipment Trade Association
Culligan Dealers Association, North America
Business Technology Association
Handleman Company
Hawaii Food Industry Association
Heavy Duty Distribution Association
Fluid Power Distributors Association
Independent Sealing Distributors
Independent Distributors Association
Independent Turf & Ornamental Distributors Association
International Sanitary Supply Association
National Appliance Parts Suppliers Association
National Association of Chemical Distributors
National Association of Electrical Distributors
Nat'l Association of Floor Covering Distributors
National Association of Plastics Distributors
National Association of Flour Distributors
National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors (NAW)
National Sash & Door Jobbers Association
National Truck Equipment Association
National Wood Flooring Association
Network of Ingredient Marketing Specialists
North American Graphic Arts Suppliers Association
NorthAmerican Heating, Refrigeration & AirConditioning Wholesalers Association
Office Furniture Dealers Alliance
Plains Caterpillar Dealers Association
Recreation Vehicle Industry Association
Sanitary Supply Wholesalers Association
Webco Hawaii

The New Era of Manufacturer/Distributor (or Dealer) Cooperation:

While this program is quite popular, it is offered only as a Keynote or General Session presentation. It is not available as a breakout or concurrent session.

Combining research with insight, and in an entertaining manner, Ed reveals erroneous beliefs held by supply chain partners. The fact is this; perceptions define reality. Too frequently needless conflict is created by flawed beliefs about what one's supply chain partner wants, needs and considers to be a positive value proposition. Learn what your competitors are learning about these blemished perceptions. Discover how to give and/or ask for the best Total Value Package available. Manufacturers and distributors and/or dealers learn how to turn around their sell/buy paradigm by discovering and understanding the needs of their distribution partner(s). Through intelligent sales offerings and purchasing practices, resources can be redirected to create more usable value for the supply chain. Learn the ABCs (adversarial, barometric & complementary) of manufacturer-distributor relationships. Discover why Ed say's, "Yes, you can do better!"

This program can also be adapted to contractor/supplier & manufacturer/agency cooperative relationships.

Program Research:

  • Rigsbee surveys a sampling of both manufacturers and distributors from your association membership. Or, for corporate programs, surveys manufacturing management along with a sampling of the organization's dealer network.
  • Questions are asked of manufacturers around where distributors can change their behavior to conserve manufacturer resources and also, what would be in it for the distributors if they did change.
  • Both distributors and manufacturers are asked about areas where the other falls short of their commitment to their supply chain partner.

Program Results:

  • Issues from both sides are synthesized and brought to the surface in a safe method, and without personal agendas getting in the way. While Rigsbee points out the foibles of both sides, he acts as a non-judgmental intermediary.
  • Each side can view challenges through the window of their supply chain partner.
  • Rigsbee delivers solutions based on his interviews and knowledge of what other industries have successfully achieved.
  • Participants that enter with an open mind exit with implementation tactics for supply chain improvement.

(Special notice: Only select this program if your organization/industry is willing to hear the truths Rigsbee discovers through his research. If it is a "feel good" presentation that you desire, this is not the one to select. Rigsbee will only accept an assignment for this program if the sponsoring organization signs a written agreement of non-censorship. This program requires an additional $2,500 survey fee.)


"You were highly energetic, entertaining and informative...Everyone walked away from the meeting with information they could implement immediately...I highly recommend your presentation to other associations." -Edward Korczak, CAE, Executive Director, National Wood Flooring Association

"I give you extra credit for having to speak early in the morning, after attendees were hitting the hot spots of Las Vegas the night before. There's nothing like facing a room of bleary eyed members as the opening speaker--you really pulled it off. Our attendees found you to be clear, concise, funny, and well-prepared." - Amy Drago, Conference Planner, Independent Sealing Distributors

"We have been having manufacturer retreats for six years here in Hawaii...Your presentation on Partnering was by far the most well received and effective of all speakers we have had in the past. You made our retreat a smashing success!" -Greg Gomes, President, WEBCO Hawaii, Inc.

"On behalf of NSSEA and all of the 83rd Annual Fall Trade Show & Education Conference attendees, thank you for another job well done! If my records are correct, this was the 4th NSSEA show you have presented at and the responses keep getting better & better!" -Shari Levine, Education & Events Manager, National School Supply & Equipment Association

"Attendees from your session, 'Manufacturer-Dealer-Distributor Relationships' described you as very enthusiastic, easy to listen to and the subject content was excellent. Consequently, your session was very well attended...attendees did come away from the session with high content and high ratings." -Mark Palmer, Executive Director, National Sash & Door Jobbers Association

"You really did your homework and customized your presentation to the specific needs of our audience...your presentation was both content driven and very entertaining. I have heard many favorable comments from our association regarding your presentation and I'm sure we will be using your ideas right away." -John Swanson, Nebraska Machinery Co., Program Chairman, Plains Caterpillar Dealers Association

"Your presentation was well received, and we heard favorable comments on how organized and entertaining you were." -Roselle Foley, CMP, Director of Meetings, National Association of Chemical Distributors

"It was evident in your presentation that a lot of time was spent in the preparation for your performance. That extra touch was much appreciated." -Suzanne Stilwill, Executive Director, National Appliance Parts Suppliers Association

"Your presentation on 'Partnering in the Digital Age' provided valuable insights to our attendees..." -Charlie Scott, Manager, Heavy Duty Distribution Association

"I have had several members comment on how pleased they were...thanks again for such a dynamic presentation..." -Kenneth Reynolds, Executive Director, Network of Ingredient Marketing Specialists

"Our members thoroughly enjoyed your presentation...They will be able to use your ideas immediately." -Deborah Hamlin, CAE, Executive Director, International Association of Plastics Distributors