If so, look no further. You want to know how to grow your non-profit organization in a manner that is sustainable.

Ed Rigsbee has the solutions you need.

Ed’s member-ROI-centric method combines his 35 years of teaching sales tactics and strategic alliance development, with 15 years of intensive member ROI research and consulting, to help your organization to better understand how to influence membership in this new era of millennial decision makers.

The days of your members being satisfied with twelve monthly magazines and an annual meeting are long gone. Today, members and non-members alike want to know what’s in it for them. The stakeholders in your industry will join, if you can prove it is a good business decision to do so.

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Looking for Help with Your Member Recruitment and Retention?

If the above resonates with you, your staff and volunteer leaders…call Ed today for the help your organization deserves.

Grow your organization by showing a REAL return on investment to current and prospective members!

Ed Rigsbee is unique in the fact that he holds both the Certified Association Executive (CAE) credential and that of the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP). He has been referred to as, the dynamite that blew up the log jam. If your organization is ready to take a definitive step toward growing your organization, Ed is ready to help you through the maze or land mines, road blocks, and subversives. He is available to help your non-profit “move the needle” toward accelerated membership growth.

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The ROI of Membership

Looking for the missing link to explosive membership growth? It’s member ROI at your core. Learn to calculate, prove and communicate your organization’s member ROI and prove to the non-members in your industry/profession that membership in your organization is a smart business decision. Trade associations and professional societies of today must continually prove the return on investment they deliver to members in order to stay relevant. Today, membership organization leaders must see their organization through the eyes of the non-member and be capable of proving the actual yearly sustainable real-dollar ROI that their current members receive in order to maintain high-level member retention and continual new recruitment. Learn how to turn your ambivalent members into member recruitment evangelists.

The ROI of Membership–Today’s Missing Link for Explosive Growth is available here. Click book cover to order your copy (no charge for shipping) at Rigsbee.com. Get the special 3-book deal: a copy each for the Chief Staff Executive, Director of Membership and Chief Elected Officer.


Michael Hall

When I was Director of Membership at SNAME, we hired Ed as a consultant to help us with our strategy for recruitment and retention. Ed really helped us think about our society in terms of the value that we were delivering to our members. Ed forced us to take an honest look at the features of SNAME membership – what do members get, and how does it make their lives better?

Michael HallDirector of Membership at American Association of Physics Teachers - AAPTWikiTravel
Camille Sanders

I attended one of Ed’s seminars on Member ROI. It was well organized, highly interactive, and the information provided was very useful. Having worked with nonprofit organizations for more than a decade in various capacities, I have attended many workshops and seminars.This seminar was, by far, one of the best. Ed reinforced much of what I have learned over the years, and also provided new insight and guidance concerning emerging issues. I enthusiastically recommend Ed for any professional development trainings geared toward nonprofit staff.

Camille SandersSenior Manager, Membership at Water Environment FederationLinkedIn
Scott Cooksey

Our association invited Ed to present his concepts to help our membership better market themselves utilizing powerful methods often overlooked by consultants. His advice was straightforward, tested, and instrumental is helping shift the thinking of many of our members. If you want honest, proven advice on how to grow your business, listen to Ed Rigsbee!

Scott CookseySenior Manager of Sales Enablement at ConsumerAffairsSee Scott’s LinkedIn Profile
Bart Bettiga

Our Association has worked with Ed on several projects, and he took the time to get to know our members and their needs. His innovative programs and member valuation and recruitment and retention efforts have made a difference in our strategic planning and marketing. We have also close followed his message related to strategic alliances and have made inroads in creating synergy in our industry through efforts related to this. I highly recommend Ed Rigsbee as a professional speaker or business consultant.

Bart BettigaExecutive Director at National Tile Contractors AssociationSee Bart’s LinkedIn Profile