John Alston, CSP, CPAE – Humor, Energy & insight for improved performance, change & stress management.

Robert Bradford, CSP – Arguably the world’s top consultant/speaker in the area of strategic planning for small to mid-sized corporations. 

Terry Brock, CSP – Discover how you can maximize your productivity with computers & technology.

Kirstin Carey – Helping the creative industries to sell more and increase their profitability.

Frank Maguire – Dealing with the head & the heart of the enterprise.

Barbara Mintzer – Helping organizations define and develop visionary leadership to create tomorrow’s opportunities out of today’s changes.

W Mitchell, CSP, CPAE – Helping people take responsibility for change.

Terry Paulson, PhD, CSP, CPAE – Helping organizations, leaders and teams make change work.

Dan Poynter, CSP – Write, publish and promote your book. (Known to many as the self-publishing guru.)

Robert Tucker: Internationally recognized as one of the top speakers on innovation.

Jimmy Weldon – The voice of Yakky Doodle from Hanna-Barbera’s popular Yogi Bear Show. Mixing motivation, entertainment and nostalgia, Jimmy will make you laugh & cry and leave you feeling great about yourself.

Russell White, CSP “The Big Guy” – Leadership and customer service, specializing in Credit Unions.

Jim Zinger, CSP: Hypnosis for better living.

Gold Coast Institute:

Patrick Horton, Ph.D.: In collaboration with Final Draft, the entertainment industry’s software standard, Patrick offers Practical Magic–Storytelling for Storytellers & Power Speak workshops. Patrick is the final word in creativity and performance for screenplay writers, the entertainment industry and corporate spokespersons. Based in Beverly Hills, Patrick helps the entertainment industry and corporate spokespersons access and realize the power of transformation.

“Since the best stories are the ones that are the most like life, it should follow that the best story teachers open a window to more than just stories. Patrick’s seminars open a window into the process that helps writers get underneath all the stuff they think they have to do, and plug in to what they’re meant to do. It is both practical and magical, and well worth the visit for any writer who really wants to cross that bridge.” Jeff Arch, Author of “Sleepless in Seattle”